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Ten Things that Shocked me Most in Norway?

Working and living in Norway for over 8 years now have been both rewarding and challenging for me. There are several times that I have questioned myself whether Norway is indeed the right place for me to live, and always I have come up with a positive answer. Nonetheless, this does not guarantee that there are some aspects of the Norwegian society, tradition and culture that shocked me up to this date. This is the focus of this blogpost. 1. Flat organizations This is the most striking feature of most organizations in Norway. The organizational structures are relatively flat, meaning hierarchy is almost just a concept, than reality. The employees can literally ask questions to their superiors. Politicians are somehow accessible. There are bureaucratic problems, but in general, communication for top-level managers and the usual employees is open. This highlights that Norwegians value the concept of teamwork among employees to attain its goals, rather than blindly following top-down instr