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When You Lose Someone

Some days in our lives are different from the usual. One day you meet one person in your life you would cherish for a period of time. Another day would be the time everything you gave was reciprocated. Then the day came when things started to change negatively. Then it became worse the next day, then the trend continued for several days and perhaps months. But there were still days, you still hope a positive change could happen. Then positive changes came once, but you lost thrice. You became sad but the downfall persisted. And lastly, today you realize you just have to give up. You finally lost someone by giving up. But hey you know what is interesting when you already reached the lowest point? It is actually not the worst you had experienced. This article is all about trying to console those who have experience losing someone and eventually giving up all the hopes you had. You actually hurt most in the beginning and in the midst of it. You remember the first time you