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Beating the Deadline

Running for the last available train or bus before getting late for work or an important meeting. Taking unnecessary taxi due to lack of time. Or, forcing oneself to finish the entire subject before the semester ends. It could also be just waiting for a response before the ultimate consequence could happen. This I have been experiencing either plannen or by chance. This is what we call beating the deadline. I am writing this because I have done it again, not because I actually did the entire thing but the Lord made sure I could actually accomplish it just in time. This is connection to my stay in Norway. With just few hours before I start waiting for an uncertain answer about my continued stay in Norway, then surprisingly early I got a positive response. Not to forget, I got several job interviews few weeks before I need to justify my current stay. Things had not been moving in a pace and direction I wanted few months before that. A temporary short-course uncertain contract and a term

Argumentation and Parallel Understanding

The exchange of ideas occur during conversations, debates or other methods, which requires people to talk on certain things. However, in these instances, people have a probability of misunderstanding when people do not grasp both content and context of the message or the topic of interest. Usually, people are aware of the subject at hand but when they start giving arguments, there seems to be a deviation from the topic, which results to unnecessary heated debates. This is called "parallel understanding." Say for example, I posted on Facebook the following: "What is happening on Philippine TV? I like romanticism but it should be a medium to deliver more than that. Appreciating TV shows is quite okay. But the use of time on debates about who or which is better is plainly garbage. Is this what we Filipinos learn from Philippine media? I understand these entertainment shows act as "stress-relievers," but it seems the young people takes it as an essential topic of

Live, Learn and Be Free

Today (September 23,2015) marks my 28th birthday and it is a sign of relief that the previous year is done. With me now are the learnings I have gained in the last year. Therefore, it excites me how would the next chapter of my life would be, given all the experiences, surprises and challenges I survived just by mere thought of it. Should I can describe my life so far, it could be the phrase, "Live, learn and be free." This phrase is the focus of this birthday blogpost. Live No one knows what the future brings. Even the wisest person can never acquire the ability to predict and plan accordingly for every aspect in my life. For what we can do is face each day with optimism and courage and optimize every opportunity that comes. Before I was living on the past and especially in the future. Every plan I make is something related to both the influence of the what has done and what will be. Now, living means living today and making the best out of everything I have. Thus, being

The Mind Needs Rest

I have always have confidence on how much information my mind can hold. It is not because of its capacity, rather due to innate grit personality and enormous interest to learn as much information as I can. This effort for me will lead change for myself and for the society as well if I use these information well. However, since I am well-motivated to learn further, this has lead me to take things simultaneously which  makes me push myself to its limits and possibly to exhaustion. This blogpost will concentrate on three questions one must ask oneself regarding the need for resting one's mind like the body requires it too. This is because an unrested mind affects the way one feels and functions; and as new researches show the power of the mind, an exhausted mind makes future vague and more challenging since one's thoughts influence the way we take in the future. Therefore, it is a must to pause for awhile and make a self-awareness on three essential questions about providing our

When You Know Something Will Change

Things have been gaining momentum in the past few days; but as of now, no concrete results still is evident. Personally, I do not know what I am waiting whether it is a solution, another plan or a miracle. However, one thing is for certain, things are going to change in next few weeks. This blogpost is a semi-diary and an attempt to objectively describe how I feel at the start of the month. I know I am about to face a wall and I do not know whether in that wall, there doors for me to go into. Moreover, I even do not have any idea what awaits me, in case there is an opportunity to start anew. Here, I will state the three main themes to give meaning of my current experience. Ambivalence where to go and what to expect For now, I am seeing more than five choices simulatenously. All of them must be dealt forehand; such that possibilities must entertained and initiating actions to realize these probabilities must be taken seriously rather be ignored immediately. Through experience, I have