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40 Things Everyone Should Know Before 30

At the time of this writing, I am already 32 years old. I can say there are a lot of expectations for me to do and accomplish at my age, given the standards from my Filipino background and current influences from the country I live right now. I think it is a privilege to see the world through these two perspectives. Thus, I will attempt to summarize the forty things everyone should know before turning 30. 1. Your body is a reflection of who you are. Take care of it. 🚴‍♂️ You also decide what to do with it.  2. Sleep is as important as food. But once you feel rested, do as much you can. You can not just sleep as much as you can. 3. The things we own affect how others treat us. Keep those people who treat you well when you had less in life. 4. You can feel down, but somehow choose few people to express your feelings. 5. Do not decide when you are too happy, sad or angry. At this time, you are blind and partial. Reflect and learn to reflect everyday. 6. Learn to

3 Types of People Not Worth Your Time

In our lives, we meet a variety of people. Some of them would be willing to stay in our lives for long. Some of them we choose to keep regardless how they treat us. It is  two-way process that aids in building good relationships that each of us treasure. However, there are some people who come to our life and gives us the lessons we bring with us in the future. These lessons are however based on experience of dealing people who seems just wasting our time or giving us anything but negativity in our lives. Here, I will enumerate the three types of people who are not worth our time. People who manipulate others Sometimes we believe people select who they manipulate to gain control. It is to say one could manipulate others, but could opt not to manipulate you. Here is the truth. Once they have manipulated one, it is easier from them to do it again with anyone, including you. No exceptions. These individuals lack empathy. However, understand why they choose to manipulate another.

Unfit Puzzle of Life

There has been a lot of analogies to describe what life is. Most common includes roller coaster, road, a dance, mountain or an adventure. These comparisons are indeed good way to understand what life really is. However, sometimes we forget that life is actually not just about "our" journey but how we interact with the people around us. We are spaces with specific forms in which people around us would conform. Some would fit, sometimes partially and most they simply don't. Here, I would utilize a puzzle to give light another perspective of life, more specifically an "unfit" puzzle. People do not necessarily "fit" with each other. All of us have imperfections. We are not fabricated according to well-thought plan. This is not to deviate from an idea that there exists an Omnipotent God. But I would rather discuss it away from that light. We are not the same. We can not say parts of us suit perfectly with anyone. The fact is the "most suita