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Traveling By Foot: Reflections

Conozco is a Spanish term for knowing. Conozco Pablo literally means "I know Pablo." Through my blogposts, one will understand my personal and social perspective.
In the past two years of blogging, I have already written exactly 200 posts by now. There are several themes revolving around life, emotions, relationships, social issues and travel. Those topics maybe irrelevant from each other, but all articles are deeply associated with my experiences and from where I come from. Not long ago, I was struggling for a decent future and even with supporting my family's needs. I strongly believed that through doing good in school, I would be successful in life through hardwork and determination. From that dream I had and to where I stand now, I could say the distance I traveled was quite long enough. It took a lot of effort, luck and guts, but I am happy on what I have become - imperfect, changing for the better but satisfied.
If I could make an analogy of my life in the last de…

The Decade: Working, Knowing, Traveling, Home and Trust

2010s has been a special decade for me personally. It has made me realize who I am and the virtues that are important for me. These virtues have influenced how I decide on things, how I solve problems and how I socialize with people around me. This decade is the beginning of my adult life. How unique this decade has been will be the interest of this blogpost, which will be divided into five sections.
This decade was about me working like there was no tomorrow. There were there 3 working period in this decade:
1. Working to be recognized
To be recognized is the ultimate goal of the early phase of this decade. I was struggling to be relevant at all times. That was exhausting because I easily learned I actually did not need to do that. I knew I had something to offer to others. I can do the work I am given, and I do not need recognition just to convince myself I did a good job.
2. Working to survive
Survival was the goal after I moved to Norway. It was the most challenging for me. I w…

10 Sociocultural Differences Between Norway and the Philippines

Soon, I would mark my sixth year of living in Norway. It is difficult to sum up the past six years in few words. A lot of things I have experienced, and many people I have encountered. At least, I could say I have learned a lot during this period. However, what makes it more challenging for me as an immigrant in Norway is the contrast in cultures and social norms between my home country, the Philippines and Norway. Both countries were ranked high in different survey of happiness, depending on how happiness is defined on these surveys. And this concept of happiness is reflected in the norms in both countries. In this blogpost, I would enumerate ten of these cultural differences.
1.Love for nature
I could say that both Philippines and Norway have been blessed with beautiful landscapes. Philippines is known for its beaches, while Norway has fjords giving way to beautiful unique sceneries not found in other countries. However, there is a big difference between how nature is used. The Philip…

When You Lose Someone

Some days in our lives are different from the usual. One day you meet one person in your life you would cherish for a period of time. Another day would be the time everything you gave was reciprocated. Then the day came when things started to change negatively. Then it became worse the next day, then the trend continued for several days and perhaps months. But there were still days, you still hope a positive change could happen. Then positive changes came once, but you lost thrice. You became sad but the downfall persisted. And lastly, today you realize you just have to give up. You finally lost someone by giving up.
But hey you know what is interesting when you already reached the lowest point? It is actually not the worst you had experienced. This article is all about trying to console those who have experience losing someone and eventually giving up all the hopes you had.
You actually hurt most in the beginning and in the midst of it.
You remember the first time you realize somethi…

Det kan du lure på

Når ting forandrer seg vet man ikke
Om enten hva betyr noe eller man skal like
Ambivalens kan være uro innen hjerte
Det føles noe er galt, verre enn smerte
Skal man gå videre eller ta et skritt tilbake?
Skal satse på noe mer eller raser alt ned sakte
Man har noe magefølelse eller mistanker
Usikker om ord og handlinger virkelig stemmer
Der starter man å tenke hva er det som usant
Unødvendige tanker, bortkastet tid, ikke sant?
Ironisk for man er nygjerrig men ingen lyst for
Å lette etter for svar for hva skjer også hvorfor
Av og til er det bra men plutselig snur det da
Har man gjort noe ikke nok? Hvorfor? Hva?
Tenk når én kan gi alt er det dumt å gjøre slik
Da blir det på en måte et slags alvorlig svik
Vent bare for den tiden det er du som lurer på
Hva har blitt gjort erfarer du deg det likt også Hvorfor ting skjedde, ingen svar, bare stille
Alt blir uklare, tåkete og rett og slett ille
Vi lever nå, og er det viktigst å bli ivaretatt nok
Synlig på handlinger og avgjørelser man tok

No obligation to answer

Social media has changed the lives of people significantly. Individuals share information about them and the things they are experiencing day-to-day. There seems to be a common knowledge about certain people based on what a person is sharing on social media. Everything in social media revolves around the image each person is portraying in the public. There seems to be a symbiotic relationship among digital peers to willingly expose some details of themselves even to the critical strangers.
However, there is a new phenomenon occurring of the emergence of "little celebrities", who in one way or another are indebted to their social media followers, obliging them in a way to share more information about themselves even though it may not be necessary. The problem is that people no longer ask each other about what is happening, rather people in isolation are by rule obliged to tell something even no one is asking. Has social media made the obligation to answer even there is no qu…

The Impossible Partner: 15 Desirable Traits

Not everyone in this world would eventually find a partner in life. In fact, the probability of being with the incorrect person is higher than the opposite. This is dependent on a person's expectations on how his or her partner should behave like. This makes it almost impossible for one to meet all sets of criteria of another, leading to an aspiration of a perfect but impossible partner. This is the focus of this blogpost, that is to enumerate the most common attributes of this certainly desired person, but very improbable for a single individual to possess all.
1. A person full of contrasts
A partner should never cease to be interesting. It is therefore desirable to be with a person full of contrasts. Determined but at times relaxed. Creative but sometimes rigid. Emotional but still stable. Stable but open for change. Experienced but still young at heart or the opposite. Relatable but not exactly the same as ourselves. The sharper the contrasts are the more interesting a person b…

Who chooses me or who I chose?

This is somewhat a common question pertaining to relationship among Filipinos. There is even a song written to indicate a similar meaning of the title. Who will you prefer the person who chooses you or the person you choose? The song however pertains to love not simply choosing someone. However, to make the dilemma more relatable I would opt to use the word choose than love because the former is more definitive and concrete in meaning. This will the focus of this blogpost.
A question of what seems selfish.
It is selfish both to choose one and choose another who chose you. To choose one is like behaving superior over the other. Superiority as perceived maybe due to wealth, status or any desired characteristic. To be superior is itself selfish by failing to recognize another person as a co-equal being. On the other hand, to simply wait for someone to choose you is also selfish. Think how much self-confidence to think this way. One is quite certain that at least one in the world at a cer…

Time: How We Use It?

Time is gold. When it pasts, it can never be reversed back. When something has already occurred, it can never be undone. That is how life works. We are all dependent with time. For time is not just a resource, but also an opportunity for us take risks, chances and realize our aspirations. So it is therefore important for us to utilize our time optimally because we never know what challenges lies in the future. This is the core theme of this blogpost.
We use time for something.
One third of our time is used for rest and sleep. Approximately another third is consumed while we are at work or doing something related to it. The remaining third is what makes our lives richer and meaningful. The last third defines who we are and what we like. It is natural that we do not find time for things that we either do not like or that has no meaning for us. Our hobbies, social and recreational activities add spice to our lives. Without these activities our lives become monotonous. However, everything…

My First 11,111 days: The Five Changes

Today February 23, 2018 is the 11111st day of my life. No one would seem to celebrate this odd day. Think about this, it is expected for all individuals to pass through their 111st day. Majority would perhaps celebrate their 22222nd day, but very few would reach their 33333rd day. Of these three mentioned marked days, the 1111st is perhaps most remarkable because it is the only one characterized by youth and significant changes in life. So I would like to mark this day with the five things I have recently learned. These are themes that may characterized the changes that occurred.

Structure to Spontaneity

Change is constant, but most of us will never accept changes as it is. This is the reason why most of us prefer structure and predictability than spontaneity. I myself was a fan of planned days and activities. In fact, I have structured lists of what I need to do and want to experience and get at least in the next three years. I know changes may occur but I am a person who plans even …

The Five Presents

It was not worse as we thought it would be. It was even better. Things have been going so well for you. These are the thoughts that can describe how I see where you are right now. Well, it was  even difficult making a post which I usually do every year because I just want you to remain like what you are today. However, since it is birthday, let me mark this day with the gifts you got or perhaps going to get from me. Let me explain why I gave them to you.Dried FruitsWell, a reminder that you need to take care of your heart literally. Potassium. Potassium. What is your heart for without regular and rhythmic beats, right? I ate some of it so I bought again. Hide them before I start eating them again. Note: I did not buy the Philippine dried mangoes. Ofcourse, they will just be consumed before I come to visit you.Amber earringsWell, I just I thought of it while I was in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was not so expensive but I thought you need a pair of earrings not so heavy as pearls. You know s…