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Thirteen Years After: My Nursing Journey

Time went by so fast, and 13 years have passed. I passed my licensure exam in nursing in the Philippines last 2009. Since then, a lot has happened, and with that, my experience varied significantly. This is the focus of this blogpost. The day after I pass the exam. I remember that day. I was quite busy. Many expressed their congratulations. It is because I just did not pass the exam, I became somehow the talk-of-the-town instantly. Well, that will be noted in another blogpost later on. However, I proceeded with the plan of the day. I was helping nursing students in their thesis. It was actually a work that is in the "graysone" of things. We were actually doing most of the things for them - from revising to coaching for their thesis defense for a price. The payment we received was cheap compared to the quality of research paper we produced in a short time. I continued with that work for few months. So, I can say immersed myself in research, and fundamentally that s

Keeping Myself "Almost" Alcohol-Free

There are several aspects that I certainly have control over. These include intermittent fasting, my work schedule, monthly budget, shopping list, routines at home, and being "almost" alcohol-free. I drink alcohol very seldom but I tolerate it, but I do not see myself drinking as a habit in the future. This is the focus of this blogpost. Well, I have actually started late in drinking alcohol, but have never been hooked to it to be honest. There are times that I drank quite often than I did before, but I managed to keep it at a minimum again in a very short time. I have reflected on this why, and here are some of the reasons: No drinking buddy I never really had drinking buddies, because often I am satisfied either by being with my own company, or with selected group of people. I intend to socialize with people who talk a lot, such that I could learn something. Perhaps, I have not met individuals who I could do this, as well as give me sufficient learning through c