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WATCH: North Jutland, Denmark

Here is my video on my short trip to North, Jutland, Denmark. For more blogposts, click the links below. North Jutland, Denmark Part 1 North Jutland, Denmark Part 2

North Jutlandic Island, Denmark: A Unique Experience

Traversing the North sea towards the Northern region of Denmark from the Norwegian southern coast is fantastic experience. One get to distinguish the common maritime interests of the Scandinavian countries, especially between Norway and Denmark. These two nations have shared history in the past several centuries, both good and bad, such that only the North Sea became an important witness of this rich cultural and historical exchange.  The North Jutlandic Island was connected to the rest of the Danish mainland before the 18th century, but due to the strong currents of the North sea, the Agger Channel was created, separating the island from the rest of the Danish northern landmass region. These geographical and historical backgrounds has encouraged me to embark in the journey to, from and between the important cities of North Jutlandic Island in Denmark. This will be the focus of this blogpost.  Frederikshavn Kirke This church is one of the biggest in Denmark in terms of

Skagen, Denmark: Sun, Sand and Snow

Being the Danish nation’s northernmost town, Skagen is known for the Skagen Odde peninsula located in the North Jutland Island. The town also houses the world largest fish oil factory. The sand and fish port factors make vacations to Skagen peninsula a very unique experience. This has been made more special during my visit in the winter season in February when spring pauses occur. Thus, my short trip became a combination of sun, snow and sand in Skagen. Skagen Fyr The Skagen Lighthouse was a reconstruction of the White Lighthouse, which is primarily used for exhibitions nowadays. This lighthouse has been useful in preventing invasion of the Danish capital Copenhagen by Western countries like the Great Britain. Grenen   This is Denmark’s northernmost tip where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. Grenen literally means the branch, showcases a very beautiful landscape and sea horizon. Sandormen It is a wagon pulled by a tractor carrying peop

To you who will forever be a child

I hope when you read this one day, I hope you will really understand what this means. I do not expect you to feel something out of this, but I am writing this with my whole heart. Today, I learned you are different and will forever be one. It hurts that you will never be the doctor or lawyer we want you to be. It is hard but I have just to accept the fact. We will be forever be your guardians to the last breath of our lives. For you will forever be a child. I want to be brave enough for now but I fear the day that we will no longer be here. When no one will protect you from people who will curse and insult you. When we are no longer there to assist you. I hope you will learn to remember these days when you have many sets of parents. Everyone around you is your parent or guardian. I hope you even learn to know who they are and their past and experiences. When you do that, I will be happy. I am just afraid that one by one, we will be gone and forever, you will be locked in the lonely wo