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The Undocked Boat

Relationships can be compared to docking and undocking a boat into the wharf. There is a tie that secures the boat to the wharf. There is the body of water where the boat floats, and the wharf where the boat is supposed to stay for a period of time. Most importantly, the boat which is actually the point of interest in this symbolic analogy. The body of water The stream or current in the body of water is a decisive factor how one should tie the boat to the wharf. If there is a need to use several ties, one would do so. Interestingly, if the current of body of water could be destructive to the boat, it might be better to bring the boat out of the water to the shore. Similarly, in relationships, there is a balance everyone should seek. Time and situation are ever-changing, and so it is important to adjust with it. Pulling the boat untimely to shore would defeat the purpose of having the boat freely floating in water. This would mean that man should always be allowed a leeway

7 Things I Can No Longer...

This came a little bit early. But I expected it somehow. But this will be first and perhaps the last time I am going to write about you here. Thank you for over 1000 days of being together. I do not know what to say but these are the things I am feeling in the last few weeks. These are the things I can no longer do. 1. See you with enthusiasm Yes. You were right in the last few months, I see you more as a very good friend. A confidant. However, I saw that as part of the process. A downturn before a possible upswing. I did not see that as a closed chapter not worthy of going back again. There was a time just few days ago, I somehow regained that enthusiasm, but as I have said I do not have to show everything I feel before things are certain. However, now I just have to develop that enthusiasm in me without you. 2. Hold you with passion It was because of the things that happened to me. I wanted to have some space. Because of that, I looked like a person losing passion.

At Your Age, I was...

Today is my niece's 12th birthday. She is now entering the teenage years. Indeed, time flies so fast. She is becoming a lady and starting to understand the complexities of life. The process of learning through life is unique from one person to another. That would be unique also for my niece. However, I could somehow give some guidance to her in the form of my experiences at the time I was also 12. This is the focus of this blogpost. At your age now, before I was... Realizing that friendships are not superficial Certainly, you have now identified some individuals who you consider as friends. Quite natural. They will be there for you to do the things that you and they like. In my age, I had also good friends which some of them I still maintain communication with. Friends will be there not just to do the things you like. But they are also willing to there during the times you are feeling almost quiting. Friends will spice up your life, but friends who are there to sta

My University, Nursing and My Friend (Old Speech 2006)

This was a speech delivered at the First Recognition Day of my university, Father Saturnino Urios University last August 31,2006. I ranked first among all dean’s listers from all levels in all courses after the first year in nursing. For more than 100 hundred years of nurturing students in various fields, developing a standard of topnotchers and high passing rates in the board examinations, Urios College was converted into a university last July 12, 2006. The long wait has come to an end as the day of celebration for all Urians has come. That late afternoon, each student was indefatigable as they jubilate the momentous event. Many were excited to experience the privileges of being a university student. However, after the deafening sounds of cheers, what was left was the realization though still many questions and uncertainties are left unanswered that Urios truly has attained the university status.  Uncertainties? Why? Does this mean that for me Urios is incompetent to be co

Eleventh 1000 days: The Challenge of Take-off

From February 9, 2015 to November 4, 2017 is the eleventh "chapter" in my life. To summarize that 1,000-day period, take-off is the most appropriate phrase to describe it. Take-off is not entirely hassle-free, it is actually one of the risky part of the plane journey. It has its risks, turbulence and uncertainties are part of it. Like that phase in my life, I experience some of toughest challenges, heart-breaking events and there were some low points I was at the verge of giving up. This blogpost will use 8 points to highlight some remarkable things that made this time of my life unique. Traveled to 19 countries, 41 cities I started traveling very often at the start of 11th chapter in Copenhagen, Denmark. I really did not expect I would travel that much thereafter. All the travels cost a lot of resources, but these trips have expanded my knowledge and even lowered my threshold in accepting differences with others. From east to west Europe, to Asia, I made sure I