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3 Basics in Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships whether among siblings, lovers, family members or friends must meet some basics to effectively harness the benefits both personal and social between individuals involved. In this blogpost, I will attempt to exclude love or affection from the picture as the concept seems vague and abstract. The three examples given are concrete minimum conditions theoretically and practically every relationship should have. Mutually spending time with each other Variation, consistency and frequency of spending time with each other is perhaps the description of the desired quality of this requisite. One has to engage on varied activities to avoid monotony, as well as to allow avenue for communication and knowing each other.  Moreover, consistency reflects security which may nurture the relationship furthermore. Mutually talking actively with each other To actively seek opportunities to communicate is very important. This does not just require one

The Foolish Side of Us

There are things we do that no one could understand because it is beyond the usual we do and how we think and behave. It may even be within what is expected but it is still devoid of any sign of logic and even a pinch of critical thinking. This is when people think that we do foolish things or simply we just make a mess out of our life. And foolishly, this will be the focus of this blogpost. Only emotions could explain The rollercoaster of emotions is probably every individuals greatest challenge. To note, the greatest motivation is being recognized by being the person one is, and the good actions one has done for oneself or others. Deprive a person of this need and motivation, then one could foolishly get one attention just to get recognition he or she thinks deserves. After all being seen is the first step to being recognized. Sometimes, to be seen may be done in either positive or negative light. The past experiences that drive us crazy We are historical beings. O