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What Corona Virus Pandemic Has Taught Us

It has been almost two months after the lockdowns have started in relation to the Corona virus pandemic. As of now, the pandemic has not been resolved yet, since there are no vaccines available to combat the virus. However, in Oslo, Norway where I live, as of the moment, there are significant positive changes brought about by the strict measures recommended by the Norwegian health authorities. The measures may not be perfectly implemented, but what is important is as how our lives have been affected by it. This blogpost will tackle on this matter. Appreciating the essentials. There is a contrast between needs and wants. First and foremost, I realized as a nurse, I have an essential work for the society. I ofcourse knew about this from the start, but the Corona virus pandemic has made me realized that those profession that remained in time are the most that matters. When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to get food and water. When we get sick, we need someone who could take care of us