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Traveling By Foot: Reflections

Conozco is a Spanish term for knowing. Conozco Pablo literally means "I know Pablo." Through my blogposts, one will understand my personal and social perspective.
In the past two years of blogging, I have already written exactly 200 posts by now. There are several themes revolving around life, emotions, relationships, social issues and travel. Those topics maybe irrelevant from each other, but all articles are deeply associated with my experiences and from where I come from. Not long ago, I was struggling for a decent future and even with supporting my family's needs. I strongly believed that through doing good in school, I would be successful in life through hardwork and determination. From that dream I had and to where I stand now, I could say the distance I traveled was quite long enough. It took a lot of effort, luck and guts, but I am happy on what I have become - imperfect, changing for the better but satisfied.
If I could make an analogy of my life in the last de…

Six Types of Management Conflicts in Colors

It is quite common that conflicts arise in a workplace especially between managers and their subordinates. The type of organization does not matter because this relationship basically requires good communication, respect and understanding of one's limitations. However, these elements may not be present at all times especially when the management style used by a leader and the desired way of managing by the subordinate may not coincide. This is the focus of this blogpost.
For the sake of elaboration, this blogpost will use three common leadership styles, namely democratic, laissez-faire (little or no control), or autocratic (strict or full control). There are no better styles, as each of them are useful depending on the situation or goal. However, each style in this blogpost is designated a color to distinguish them. The same is done to determine the desired style by the subordinate. The colors are mixed and matched to describe the interaction between two factors, resulting to a pos…

Cozy Cabin Culture

During the last two years of my stay in Norway, I have been to a cabin twice as to date of writing. Never did I imagine I will get the chance to do so. I consider the culture strange enough for me to try. Nevertheless, I tried and somehow I got to understand what this summer cultural phenomenon is all about. In this blogpost, I will try to give a glimpse what it is according to how I perceive it.Time for family and friends.When one is invited to a cabin, it could be exclusive to a certain group or a way to know others more through groups of close friends. One gets to mingle to anyone using neutral topics, like vacation, food and funny memorable experiences. Those topics form the tip of the iceberg.. As the time goes, people get to share more and more, such that people, who had a good initial conversations could somehow talk about certain common friends and some family matters. It is therefore important to remember the three rules in chatting. First, talk most about neutral topics. Nev…

Does My Future Belong Here?

The ultimate question still remains in me whether Norway is already my first home, or second home, or a mere work place. In the last two years, I have built a life in this Scandinavian country. I have made friends. I got a job and a place to live in. I speak sufficiently the language. I start to think like Norwegians and plan further to advance my career. However, are all these reasons enough to stay in this land with the rest of my life?Now, I honestly do not know. It is likely possible that my career will advance in Norway. It is another phase in my life, not seen in any degree in the Philippines. I could not say life has become totally better, but life here is at least different. I could decide on my own. I learn to become independent and rely more on myself. I get to grasp the essence of life. That is living on the moment, thinking most of what makes best for oneself. This is an exact opposition to what a family-oriented Filipino philosophy, but this also does not mean I have the …

Kiel, Germany: The Wedge Maritime Port

Kiel is a the capital of the Schleswig-Holstein German province, near the northern border with Denmark. Today, this is an important maritime port and cruise ship stopover towards the Baltic region, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. However, aside from being a booming shopping district as it is today, Kiel has a colorful maritime past that reflected the history and culture of the German nation. Interestingly, the city's name was derived from the word describing the shape of the port of Kiel. These are something hidden by the streets and modern commercial establishments in the city.

Before, Kiel is considered a unique city being ruled by a Danish King, but under the former German confederation. It was during this time that Denmark and Germany have made an cooperative agreement in ruling their dominions. It was until a war broke between the two countries that transferred the power from the Danish king to Germany, with the aid of Austria. Germany completely took over the area during …

A Girl Named Piang

By the time I am writing this, perhaps you are feeling anxious and uneasy of what awaits you in your new place. Yes, the place is not quite new for you, but the things you are going to experience maybe different from what you have seen in Norway. Allow me to write this blogpost in your behalf.You are Piang and you know why. The time I remember that name, it reminds me of the time you chose to spend several weeks with us. It was awkward. I was then your teacher, so it was natural you called me sir. However, I hoped I showed you I was just like any other Filipino, wanting a better future for myself and my family. When we talk at night, we were full of dreams in this Scandinavian land we would like to call our home. Months past, it was just like ordinary for you to come to our place. I felt at first you were just a temporary room mate whom I can talk to from time to time. However, you became a very good friend to a point of a sister. You knew almost all hardships we had here. It was neve…

Why Socialist-democracy suits the Philippines?

There has been a polarizing issue about the newly-elected Philippine president stand on socialism and democracy. It has received criticisms, such that it is perceived as outrightly incorrect and inappropriate in a democratic society, a major influence of Western superpowers like the United States of America. Many then speculates that such move will isolate the Filipino nation following the cooling relationship between the former American colonizer and the Asian country. All of these are merely assumptions, but there are many reasons to believe the Philippines is suited for a socialist democracy.First of all, I would qualify that by elaborating my stand on this means that the socialist economic policy would be focused on the national level on how resources are being distributed, and how government budget is generated through policies that seeks to control the populace in its actions and behaviours. I still however believe that a centrist right approach is best when it applies to the lo…

WATCH: Prague and Brno in Czechia

Here is the video of my short trip in Prague and Brno in Czech Republic.

To read for more about Prague and Brno, click below:

Prague Part 1
Prague Part 2

Brno, Czechia: A Cozy Moravian City

Being the second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno draws tourists to its cozy and beautiful streets. This is the former capital city of the historic country of Moravia, one of the three ancient territories in Czech Republic. The city provides a contrast to the capital city of Prague being the capital of Bohemia, who with Moravia became seats of the Holy Roman Empire and were subsequently under German influence before the Second World War, Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the socialist revolution during the Cold War. Thus, this geographical and cultural distinction between Moravia and Bohemia gives a reason to explore the city.

I have visited both Prague and Brno. Click here for my Prague adventures. These are the places I went to.


This is a pathway connecting the Central Station and the Bus Terminal to the Central Square of the Brno. There are several shops and cultural attractions.
2.Zelný trh

The Vegetable Market is a market square in Brno and is near the Freedom Square. Many…