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WATCH: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here is the video of my short trip to Amsterdam. For more blogposts on Amsterdam, click the links below: Amsterdam Part 1 Amsterdam Part 2

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Lost in the Metropolis - Day 2

The second day of wandering in the Dutch capital metropolis was not conventional as I have expected it. With an aim to explore Amsterdam’s suburbs and neighboring cities, the challenge somehow turned to be unproductive at first as I was lost in the large Dutch conurbation. Being lost was exhausting but somehow provided a new perspective of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Click hear for the first day adventure in Amsterdam. 1.     Utrecht The fourth largest Dutch city has succeeded to be one of the most important cultural and religious center of the kingdom, especially during the Dutch Golden Age. It was unexpected for me to reach the city after I took the incorrect metro train line, which was supposed to stop on a bus terminal within Southern Amsterdam. Nonetheless, the experience gave me learnings how to handle stress in the midst of a vacation mishap. 2.     De Gooyer As a national monument itself, De Gooyer is the largest tallest wooden mill in the Net

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amalgamation of the Past and Present - Day 1

Located along the Amstel River, the largest Dutch city, Amsterdam is one of the most important European port and cultural hub since ancient times when the city became diamond and financial center. Aside from its magnificent canals, Amsterdam is proud of its unique blend of conservatism and freedom, which attracts almost five million tourists every year. Being the center of commerce during the Dutch Golden Age and their colonial past, Amsterdam certainly has a rich history to present for visitors around the world could relate and associate from where they come from. The beautiful Dutch city is a dream city for me to visit so when I got the opportunity to fulfill this, I did not hesitate, especially during the Yuletide season. I get to celebrate Christmas while learning how the Dutch city emerged as a global city from its rich historic past to where it is now. Click here for the second day of my adventure in Amsterdam. 1.     Vondelpark This 45-hectare land piece i