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2017: The Ride

The year of 2017 was so far the most unpredictable I had so far. It was as if I was riding a roller coaster with many humps,  sharp turns and swings. I would want it to be more predictable such that changes happened at a reasonable pace. I can not complain though that much because the year was good for me in terms of my career, but okay it was far from perfect. Why? This is the focus of this blogpost. Relationships The year seemingly started very well. I celebrated it with two of the most important persons in my life. What can I ask for during the time I welcomed the year 2017. It was unique celebrating with two of the most cherished individuals in my life. Days after that, my sister (one of the two) opted to transfer up north. It was heartbreaking and mentally-draining. But we do not have choice. That event shattered the way I coped. I made mistakes due to my incapacity to cope well. Unfortunately, those mistakes resulted me to lose the second of the two just several months

3 Comparisons Between Norwegian and Filipino Values

I am entering my fifth year of residing in Norway. Many things have happened during this short period of time, both good and bad. However, one of that is worthy to highlight is how I realized the big contrast between prevailing values between Norwegian and Filipino cultures. I can only talk about these two in particular, although there are somehow similiraties between the Norwegian culture with those of coming from Europe, as well that with Filipino and other Asian societies. This blogpost will present three comparative points to exhibit the diversity of culture. COMPARISON 1 Norwegian: Able decide independently for oneself Filipino: To fight for what is most important Freedom and passion may not be on the same side always. Freedom is the ultimate virtue in the Norwegian culture. One may or may not be passionate of what Norwegians are doing, but most important is that they decided on them by themselves, such that no one has dictated on them what they are supposed to do.

Revenge: Best Served Cold

I had never imagined people could be so cold with one another. Instead of wishing things for their benefit, it seems easy to find faults with others and blow the situation into a magnified proportions. Yes, people are emotional and because of this, sometimes they act differently. However, human beings are not just torn between being rational and emotional, but still all of us has animalistic instincts for protecting what we are and have. To the worst extent, people take revenge to what bad and insanely injustice others have done against them. With these I am writing about the perfect form of revenge- served best cold. Here are the 3 elements: Long after-the-fact The adjective cold pertains with analogy between revenge and meal. Revenge should be done when the heat of the conflict has long dissipated. When people tend to have forgotten everything. Time seems not to be a factor of reconciliation or forgiveness. It is like wine that becomes stronger as time flies. Revenge is li

Being or Feeling Accepted? (Poem)

What really matters more? Being or feeling accepted? Perplexing question, unanswered, continuously contested Being accepted is something what others think of you Crucial to avoid becoming relevant only for the selected few Everyone needs social approval at all times no matter what We're indeed social beings affected by emotions, rather what? If we do not care of what others say we then become isolated In that state nothing is debatable, no one's elated just frustrated While feeling accepted is what matters more to oneself This isn't universal answer easily taken from the bookshelf This is what others prefer but it is not necessarily true in reality One can just ignore the hard truths, contrasts in life in totality Yes, one can not just say I am happy in one own's special way But there are other values and virtues in society one must weigh Here is where most of us have challenging difficulties within us Thus, existential and philosophical quest

The Filipino Seeker

Recently, I have made another Instagram account named The Filipino Seeker (@thefilipinoseeker). It has the purpose of sharing my personal travel pictures daily. Well, I was not really planning to maintain another account aside from my personal one (@pablo_ako) but I told myself why not. The major difference is that personal one is updated day-to-day, meaning the posts are made real-time or recently, not posted retrospectively. Well, this post is not about why I made another account, instead why I chose the name, The Filipino Seeker. Been seeking always for something I am always curious. That keeps me awake at night. Sadly, sometimes it makes me feel stressed. But I always think of answers to something. In my head, there is a web of alternatives paced at certain speed and rhythm. If things go faster as expected, my options change accordingly. However, those options do not just come spontaneously. It was well-thought beforehand. It is like I am coding algorhythms for my life.

Those Better Strangers (Poem)

I should have been genuinely happy today For the long wait is over for the ultimate d-day I have fought for others throughout my life As if I was fighting for them in their strife After having been stored long in the bookshelf Now is when something happened for myself I can not stop my tears from eyes falling At last I could now sit and relax, lolling The things I have planned for future worked They came out of attention as dogears perked After several setbacks things got back on track Like lost brothers at last have come in contact It should have been a good sign for the better At present stable and learned more than ever But personally now actually things got dimmer The light at end of tunnel fades less shimmer Those nightmares in the past came back Out of the blue those monsters paint all black As if they know I am about to be happy at last They would not allow good to prevail as asked Things turned upside down, but light on some An irony or paradox of li