Being or Feeling Accepted? (Poem)

What really matters more? Being or feeling accepted?
Perplexing question, unanswered, continuously contested
Being accepted is something what others think of you
Crucial to avoid becoming relevant only for the selected few

Everyone needs social approval at all times no matter what
We're indeed social beings affected by emotions, rather what?
If we do not care of what others say we then become isolated
In that state nothing is debatable, no one's elated just frustrated

While feeling accepted is what matters more to oneself
This isn't universal answer easily taken from the bookshelf
This is what others prefer but it is not necessarily true in reality
One can just ignore the hard truths, contrasts in life in totality

Yes, one can not just say I am happy in one own's special way
But there are other values and virtues in society one must weigh
Here is where most of us have challenging difficulties within us
Thus, existential and philosophical questions aren't easy to discuss

If one doesn't make a choice, confusion and ambivalence result
If one could do so, certainly that makes mature responsible as adult
But it is not just about choosing, but most especially living on them
Reality is like El Dorado, long journey like in search of a precious gem

Never it has become easy-breezy between what we are and we expect
Ego and social norms are something one can't neglect, just pay respect
However, no one needs to answer this question for acceptance at least.
What makes you happy today is more valuable until we cease to exist.


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