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Ten Years in Norway: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wow, can you believe it's been ten years? It genuinely feels like it was only yesterday when I took my very first steps into the beautiful expanse of Norway. I remember that chilly sensation under my shoes, reminding me that I had embarked on a whole new journey. Initially, my plans only involved a brief stint in this land, but life has a way of throwing surprises, and here I am, a decade later, calling it my home. Norway's mesmerizing beauty, from the vast and serene fjords to the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights, has been a constant backdrop to my life's myriad of moments. Whether I was riding high on joy or navigating through my challenges, the country's landscapes and culture have significantly influenced my personal growth. Allow me to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and guide you through my incredible journey here. The Early Days: Immersing Myself in Oslo Embarking on my new life in Norway was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. There wa

Is it Socialism or Populism?

"Are you confused about the difference between socialism and populism? It's like the difference between giving everyone a small slice of the cake or promising a few people the whole cake. Let's take a closer look!" There are some politicians that are associated with socialism but some would consider them representing the ideology of populism. This is the focus of this blogpost. Allow me to clarify the distinction between populism and socialism. Populism is a political approach that seeks to resonate with the general populace, often challenging the established elites. Populist leaders might make sweeping promises to gain popular support, even if such promises might be challenging to keep in the long run. An instance could be a leader pledging to reduce taxes for all, regardless of the long-term economic implications. On the other hand, to understand socialism, consider this simple analogy: Imagine you have five candies and five children. Your goal is to dis