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Filipino Ethics: A Closer Look

What seems to be correct in a Filipino perspective? Ethically speaking, where lies the boundary between what is right and wrong? As a Filipino myself, it is quite difficult for me to see that, because everything seems to be very subjective. Every Filipino could justify his or her action regardless of what it is. Nothing seems to be intolerable, and everything could explained as long as someone dares to do so. This makes the Filipino society chaotic and disorganized in a way. Nothing seems to be a standard way of evaluating actions and decisions. Ethical theories would not be sufficient even to explain the Filipino ethical standards. However in this blogpost, an attempt to put this relatively subjective threshold into an objective framework is to be made. Familiarity and consensus Change is something everyone of us would like to avoid. Filipinos takes risks when the available options are too few, but in general, most Filipinos would not want to change anything that is part of

Traveling to Escape

This year I have used so much resources for me to travel to various countries and cities. This is not something new because since 2015, I have promised myself to travel as much as possible to gain new insights about the world we live in. So I have made a list and plan which places to visit first and how I would eventually do it. Structured as it seems, the travel plans seems to have certain logical purpose for recreation and discovery; but recently, I have realized especially this year I have been traveling to escape. This is the focus of this blogpost. Escape from changes Unforeseeable changes and crises either make or break an individual. These challenges put undue and sometimes excessive strain to a person's physical and mental capacity, and influences one's emotions, thoughts and decisions. The more sudden a crises develops, the more stress a person is obliged to handle. Worse, some do not have the sufficient coping skills and active social network that support

Philandering Explained

This is a taboo topic in social discourse but a common one. Why do people philander within a relationship? Not a difficult question to answer but no one would ever discuss it why. Is this more natural or a moral human weakness that has developed simultaneously with changes in the society? These questions are the focus of this opinionated blogpost. Attention Currency Think a person can dispose 100 dollars in a week. It is up to an individual how to use the amount up in seven days. Perhaps, one could buy more in the weekends than other days of the week. Think the analogy between attention and the disposable amount. If one would want to use 20 out 100 on Fridays but ends up using only 5, so a person is still capable of using 15 on a day. There is a surplus of money, or in this analogy, attention. If one gets not enough attention on a day than one expects to; ofcourse, one would tend to get that attention from another person. Moreover, a person's partner may think he or s

The Older and The Elderly

Today is the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons. It is after the United Nations passed a resolution to raise awareness related issues affecting senescence and the elderly. Personally, I want to separate the terms older and the elderly. To how these concepts differ and to how I see them are the focus of this blogpost. Older is associated with someone older than me, who differs in perspective, culture and ways. That person could be just a 40-year-old individual. On the other hand, the elderly is a term denoting those whose physical functioning has been significantly reduced due to natural aging process. These are the individuals I met at work, comprising the greatest resident population portion in a nursing home. The Older Something different from ourselves provides us a challenge. A person coming from an earlier generation lays a challenge to anyone, as well as a test of one's patience, tolerance and personality. These older individuals have seen th