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To You Whose Birthday is Today

We all mark our birthdays each year. Majority observe it to a certain degree, some don’t. Some people see to it that other people would be aware that it is their birthday. Some would prefer to be quiet about it for a lot of personal reasons. Nevertheless, the best part of birthdays is, the fact, that someone remembers you. That itself is a sufficient reason to celebrate. For you whose birthday is today, this blogpost is for you. 😘 Ofcourse, I remember. Yes, I have not forgotten your birthday. To be honest, your name is one of the few whose birthday is on my personal calendar. I do not p ut everyone there, ofcourse. There is not enough space I guess. 😋 However, do you recall the first time we met? 😉 Who would thought we would get to know each other better months following that. Quiet unexpected, we started talking 🙂, and then we got to be more open about who we really are. Well, there is a lot more to share and experience. No one really knows everything yet. It is impossible to be a

We Are All Foreigners (Poem) #alllivesmatter

Unfortunately, even at this day and age, discrimination exists among groups of people varying in culture, religion, race or skin color. The Corona virus pandemic has in a way accentuated the inequality that exists among cultural groups. As a person of color and foreign background, I would like express my sympathy to those who are victims of racism and discrimination. As a way to express my support, I have a written a poem dedicated for this cause. There is no such place as we call homeland. We, human beings are all foreigners in any land No one can say this place belongs to me. Or, where one should flee from or should be. Remember the land we live in, clearly is not ours The same land over the seas and under the stars. All of us, from this place we shall bid goodbye. We live here and depart this place when we die. We are all alike for being recipients of the gift of life. Discussing who’s better is pointless, often ending in strife. Nothing we can keep forever, not even a single th