To You Whose Birthday is Today

We all mark our birthdays each year. Majority observe it to a certain degree, some don’t. Some people see to it that other people would be aware that it is their birthday. Some would prefer to be quiet about it for a lot of personal reasons. Nevertheless, the best part of birthdays is, the fact, that someone remembers you. That itself is a sufficient reason to celebrate. For you whose birthday is today, this blogpost is for you. 😘

Ofcourse, I remember.

Yes, I have not forgotten your birthday. To be honest, your name is one of the few whose birthday is on my personal calendar. I do not p
ut everyone there, ofcourse. There is not enough space I guess. 😋 However, do you recall the first time we met? 😉 Who would thought we would get to know each other better months following that. Quiet unexpected, we started talking 🙂, and then we got to be more open about who we really are. Well, there is a lot more to share and experience. No one really knows everything yet. It is impossible to be acquainted of everything either. Yet with time, we get to be familiar with each other better. As I have said, good things in life takes time, and I hope you are one of those. ☺

Thank you for our shared time together.

Not too long ago I got to share little by little about the things that matters to me. Little by little, you got to share the things about yourself, too. The activities we have done together are perhaps, not as much as me and some of my friends had. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the time that we have shared. 😊 Not all the time, we appreciate the things we share with others, and express how thankful we are to have it. I am thankful for that reason to you. On the other hand, one of the greatest lesson I have learned in life is to give time, attention and recognition to anyone that matters to one. By expressing one’s gratitude, one provides another both attention and recognition that one exists. And I, as human being, am feeling blessed and thankful that you exist. 😘 I hope you realize that your existence makes another happy and meaningful. Thank you.🙂

It looks like the future would be great with you.

The beauty of building social relationships with others is acknowledging the similarities and differences of another from ourselves. People need not to be similar because of our background and experiences, but individuals should find a common tone and interests to propel a relationship to a deeper one. I believe we have a vast field of commonalities between us. 😆 My instinct tells me that perhaps we still have more similarities than we think we have today. 😜 That is quiet interesting and exciting. 😏 Even so, we differ also in a lot of things I see. Day by day, we realize that we are indeed different and unique. Nonetheless, the challenge is not identify those differences as a hindrance, but to adapt and make adjustments to avoid conflicts due to these differences. Well, too early to say, but all these things make the future exciting. I am looking forward to share that future with you. ☺

Lastly, I would like to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you would not just enjoy this day marking your birthdate, but the whole year also ahead. I appreciate you for being you and sharing your time would me. I am looking forward to know you better. I hope next year, I would be able to write more about you here. 😉 Well, I think that is perhaps a good sign.😘 Again, thank you and happy birthday. 🥳❤


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