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Online Bashing Tells About the Basher

Online bashing has become very common in social media. It seems everyone who makes mistakes maybe a subject of ridicule and criticism. The  major disadvantage and difference of a usual physical attack and online bashing is its anonymity and scale. Many bashers would hide themselves anonymous and gain more confidence to attack verbally the person at hand. Moreover, since the online space is literally unlimited so anyone could literally read comments and opinions, further aggravating and even tolerating the verbal attack. This makes online bashing as a grear threat to anyone in the social media today.On its essence, online bashing is a non-physical verbal highly partisan and personal attack on an individual expressing dissent, non-comformity, irrelevance and weakness in being at par or within a certain standard of discourse or behavior, with the aim of influencing others to do the same against the person, express an opinion and either directly and indirectly gain from it. By this long a…

Look Before You Leap

Making a blind judgment and action is quite of the most dangerous and risky thing a person can do. However, even how bad this may seem, many still act and behave recklessly and imprudently when it comes to certain life-changing decisions in one's life. Moreover, although it may seem reckless, some are left with no option but to act anyway. This is where the dilemma lies, and this will be the focus of this blogpost. 
Look First

Assessing the entire situation is a must, but not all times this is possible. At times, our minds are clouded with strong emotions such that we could not simply mesh out the details of the reality presenting to us. By looking first means putting one in a objective view, removing biases and reassessing potential subjectivities. We are ofcourse humans with feelings, but we are deemed to be rational, maybe not at all times. The tug-of-war between emotions and rationality keeps one from effectively evaluating situations, leading to solutions and good decisions a…

Fortune Favors The Bold?

Sometimes, we are confronted with problems and challenges that require us to take risks, and set aside thinking of all the advantages we can get in the end. One just need to be daring in action to take a chance in an endeavor. Sometimes, even the most dating fails, but at least they tried some say. However, is there a limitation to being brave and daring? This is the focus of this blogpost.
Fortune means realistic goals and results.
Aiming for something provides color and purpose to one's life. There are various goals we want to attain for ourselves and our significant others. However, one should differentiate between options and goals. If the two concepts are on the same side, then that could be fortune. One could not just aim something without an acceptable option that will fulfill that goal. The problem sometimes is that people are very good in setting an aim, but they are not so good in finding good options. People simply give up their goals if they seem unachievable, but they…

What Make Filipinos Happy?

According to the recent Happiness Index and Positive Experience Index (2015), Filipinos are considered one of the happiest in the world. There are many empirical evidence supporting this, including the magnitude of resilence and effectiveness of Filipinos in coping with several calamities and personal challenges. There are ofcourse scepticism on these researches, given that happiness could not even be measured objectively, and even more difficult to be compared. Happiness is indeed subjective, such that it is experienced differently among various persons with unique backgrounds and histories. Therefore, it is a challenge to make a summary or list of what makes one happy for a certain group of people, such as Filipinos. However, there are similarities among Filipinos that one could deduce effectively to answer what makes Filipinos happy. This is the focus of this blogpost.Family counts first.Family is most powerful source of motivation and happiness for Filipinos. More importantly,  it…

Online Troll: What is the Delineation?

In this modern age of social networking, communication has become faster and more efficient. People could share their opinions and participate on discussions affecting them personally or the society in general. There has been recently on online trolls, who are considered unwanted and irritating that create tension and deviation from the logical discourse on a social forum. On the other hand, many who are simply making an argument are often labeled as trolls as well. There is indeed a gray zone in determining, who are guilty of trolling and who are not. This is the focus of this blogpost.Trolls came from the Norse mythology, who are creatures that makes the lives of travellers difficult. In the same way, online trolls make logical discussions chaotic and without purpose. These makes social discourse through social networking sites less meaningful and perhaps waste of time. Moreover, trolling should be differentiated from plain disagreement. The three elements of trolling follows to aid…

What Yes Means for a Filipino?

Yes is perhaps one of the most commonly-used words in a language. It is simply a sign of affirmation, and the direct opposite of negation. In most cultures, yes means simply what it means superficially. There is no incongruence between the content and context of the word yes. However, in the Filipino society, yes means a lot of things. What is said does not necessarily what is meant or desired by the speaker. There exists layers of interpretation that needs to be unveiled before the real meaning of yes is ascertained. Here are the most common meanings of yes among Filipinos.It is a real positive answer.Ofcourse, a yes is a yes. No one could interpret it in another way. Make sure that the Filipino concerned has no opportunity later to change his or her mind. Filipinos believe on finality of decisions, after several reconsiderations. Filipinos believe not just second chance or last chance, but multiple chances. Yes for Filipinos maybe perceived as a goal than a mere answer. For example,…

Being in Hurt in Silence

It is said that when one is allowed to express his or her thoughts or verbalize one's feelings, things are going to be better. However what if the opportunity to heard is awkward in itself or perhaps situationally-inappropriate, what happens then to the person needing to vent out one's feelings. I guess none, except they hurt in silence.Hurt doesn't necessarily mean sorrow or failure. It is a mere reaction of events that make one uncomfortable, compromised or stressed. The hurt emotion is said to be a driving force for future actions and may even pave way to strong motivations. However, hurt should not always be seen in a positive note. It is not a potential for something good ahead. It is hurt in its present form and worse if nothing alleviates it such as in situation requiring silence.Strong negative emotions should be released out to attain mental equilibrium again. However, in silence, one feels being sucked inward like into an abyss. That feeling is worse than anxiety…

The Meaning of Work

Getting a decent and fulfilling job is not explicitly mentioned as one of the essential human needs but it is somehow an important aspect of one's life. It fulfills other needs, making it is as a medium to achieve them. This does not mean however mean that work is the single way to meet those needs, but a factor or catalyst in that process. However, many neglect the importance of work. Some even hate going to work, or some may even consider it as a hindrance to personal happiness. These perspectives are in direct opposition to how we should see the meaning of work in our lives. These are the highlights of this blogpost.Work provides daily structure.This is the perspective most of us ignore. Without work, our daily activities is too fluid. This means one may find it difficult to decide and know what to do at a particular time of the day. An individual is motivated to groom himself or herself in the morning or before work, because others will see him or her later. Without this work,…