Being in Hurt in Silence

It is said that when one is allowed to express his or her thoughts or verbalize one's feelings, things are going to be better. However what if the opportunity to heard is awkward in itself or perhaps situationally-inappropriate, what happens then to the person needing to vent out one's feelings. I guess none, except they hurt in silence.

Hurt doesn't necessarily mean sorrow or failure. It is a mere reaction of events that make one uncomfortable, compromised or stressed. The hurt emotion is said to be a driving force for future actions and may even pave way to strong motivations. However, hurt should not always be seen in a positive note. It is not a potential for something good ahead. It is hurt in its present form and worse if nothing alleviates it such as in situation requiring silence.

Strong negative emotions should be released out to attain mental equilibrium again. However, in silence, one feels being sucked inward like into an abyss. That feeling is worse than anxiety because in anxiety, knowledge and control mitigate the effects of anxiety. But hurting in silence is worse. The reason of silence alone hurts plus the hurt itself plus the adverse effects of the consequences of that hurt. To make it worse, problems or situations do not just elicit hurt, but also other discomfort or feelings. All of these add up to a more complex state of more discomfort and dissatisfaction.

However, do we ever have a choice in silence. No one could even help us unless we open our mouth and ask for help. Silence is indeed a silent villain. It negates every opportunity to come out of the hurt feeling. With silence, nothing could result with the assumption that a person could not help anyone without knowing the problem. In silence, no one knows how to help or alleviate the situation. Moreover, the person in silence become more alienated as options run out.

Lastly, I hope things are going to be better and more stable even without breaking the silence. It maybe impossible to be in silence in eternity for the reason for silence may change accordingly. However, to find the courage to express one's real and genuine thoughts and feelings. One must start with ending silence, then perhaps the hurt disappears.


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