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Three Years Ago: The Roller Coaster Ride

It was exactly this time three years ago when I arrived in Norway. I never thought how much learning I gained in that period of time. The feeling of anxiety was the prominent feeling I had. I was then attempting to embark in one of the most challenging roller coaster ride in my life. The thrill was there, but there were sad points and ofcourse there were reasons for elation. This is the focus of this blogpost as a mark of triumph and courage as an adult individual. Most of those that concerned me most involves my home country. Being a Filipino, I had the intention to help others. I admit I was to naive to use this as a reason to continue a work that never was working in the first place. I was thinking I was helping other Filipinos, but I never had the control of that aid primarily. Unfortunately, nightmare happened when things failed for me and for those who I intended to help. I felt hopeless, and more them who were continued to cling on their hopes. Sadly, I am being blamed for lea

Warsaw, Poland: The Odyssean Past Part 2

The Polish capital today is like a sculpture carved and polished through time and experience. The modern metropolis today provides a glimpse of the rich history of Poland and the Polish nation. From the period of monarchy, to the partition and dissolution of Poland, the reestablishment and independence of the Republic of Poland, to the occupation of the Nazi Germany, to the liberation in the Second World War, to being under the influence of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Warsaw the Polish capital is a reminder of the progress that has been done to make Poland one of the most progressive country in Eastern Europe today. This has caught my interest as a visiting tourist in Warsaw. This is the second part. Click here for the first part. 1.   Teatr Maskarada dla dzieci The Masquerade Theatre exhibits performances for school chuldren and presschool with the use of visual presentations, choreography and puppets. 2.     Plac Zamkowy The Cast

Warsaw, Poland: Peek to Polish Identity Part 1

The largest and the capital city of Poland, located along the Vistula River is considered one of the most historical European city. It became the capital of the union of Poland and Lithuania before the bond was dissolved during the Polish partition in the 18 th century. Thereafter, Warsaw was under the shifting influence of the Prussians (Germans) and the Russians. From then on, these two countries have forever shaped the history of the country. To what extent these two countries have made a mark in Warsaw is interesting for tourists and visitors to see. This is the focus of this blog post. This is Part 1. Click here for Part 2. 1.         Złote Tarasy This is a modern complex composed of commercial, office and entertainment buildings located nearby the central station. Interestingly, the mall has the first Hard Rock Café and Burger King in Poland. 2.         Palac Kultury i Nauki This is formerly the Palace of Culture and Science, which is the tallest build