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Seoul-Incheon, South Korea: The Adventure Part 1

It was not long ago when I decided to apply for tourist visa to South Korea. This is actually my first time to apply a visa for tourism purposes in any other country. Of course, my expectations were high, but deep inside me, I felt both the excitement and anxiety of what awaits me in the Korean nation. So, I got the courage to travel while I was on my way to my home country, the Philippines. Initially, I planned a vacation with my niece, but due to visa restrictions and time constraint, the plan was aborted and at the end, I was alone in a travel I have dreamed of long ago, but planned in a very short time. My strategy was to cover to Korean cities, Incheon and Seoul and perhaps the nearby areas. Incheon is considered the third largest Korean city and part of the larger Seoul metropolis. It is the home of the Seoul International Airport, being a major gateway to the South Korean nation. Noticeably, the city is considered one of the closest cities to China being separated b

WATCH: Berlin, Germany

Here is my video of my short trip to Berlin, Germany. For more blogposts about Berlin, click below. Berlin Part 1 Berlin Part 2

WATCH: Dresden, Germany

Here is the video of my short trip in Dresden, Germany To read for more about Dresden, click below: Dresden Part 1 Dresden Part 2

Berlin, Germany: A Glimpse of a Divided Past Part 2

Berlin is associated with the Cold War. The ideological schism between democracy and socialism has caused this city to be literally divided into West and East Berlin. Interestingly, the landscape of the German capital being crisscrossed by the canals of the river Spree aided in this physical separation. Furthermore, the city's history reminds of the disunity among Roman Catholics and Protestants during the Protestant Reformation during the Renaissance Period, and the alienation or annihilation of the Jews by the Nazis during the First and Second World War. These facts are sufficient reasons to embark into a historical adventure the German nations capital, Berlin. This is the Part 2. Click here for Part 1. 1.     Kath. Kirchengemeinde St. Laurentius This is the Catholic parish dedicated for Saint Lawrence, which is almost sixty years old. It has a significantly historical architecture and is centrally located at Hansaplatz. 2.     Europlatz This is the

Berlin, Germany: The World Symbol of Historical Victory Part 1

The German nation has always caught my interest on culture and world heritage. Aside from the German language, Germany as one of the largest European economies has taken the limelight and as served as a role model for developing countries. The role of the nation in shaping world history especially during the World War 2 and ideological Cold War between democracy and communism. With all of these reasons, I have traveled to the German capital, Berlin for leisure, history and culture.  There are several places I went to. This is the Part 1 of the Berlin adventure. Click here for Part 2. 1.     Theodor Heuss Platz This large city square is located in the Westend of the city of Berlin. This was laid out in the beginning of 19 th century. It was formerly named as the Chancellor Place before the Nazi seized power in the German nation. From that time on, it was called the Adolf Hitler Place until the loss in the World War 2, when it was renamed Chancellor Place, then to T