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Over Two Years of Intermittent Fasting

Perhaps you heard about intermittent fasting before, but have you really understood how it could work? Well, it is simple as alternately being in a long fasting state with a periods when one is allowed to eat. It may sound difficult. I could say it is both easy and challenging, given that I have engaged myself into intermittent fasting almost daily for over two years now. In this blogpost, I will share my personal experience about intermittent fasting. 1. It is not a diet. It is not a diet, wherein one starves out oneself to attain weight loss. That is not the primary purpose of intermittent fasting, rather it is inducing sufficient stress to the body to be in a healthy "survival mode." One could actually eat whatever one likes during the non-fasting period. However, the first thing I noticed when I started fasting is that I got full easily during the first meal, such that I eat a little thereafter. So instead of eating three full meals, I gradually reduced it two

What We Choose

Is life a result of mere chance, destiny or a result of our choices? The answer to this question depends on where we are in our lives. Not too long ago, I am huge follower of the belief of co-creating of our destiny. We move on and decide what to do in our lives, but in general, the path is just partially within our control. Destiny is somehow a vague, predetermined path we can deviate from time to time but nonetheless, we go back to it one way or another.  Perhaps, believing on destiny maybe not be illogical at all, but I have changed the way I interpret this. On how I shifted away from this perspective will be discussed on this blogpost. We choose our unique fa├žade We present ourselves uniquely to the world. The people surrounding are accustomed to a set of values and patterns of actions associated with us. This constitutes our identity directed towards others. However, at times, the exterior is incongruent to what really is inside, our real identity - the person we know

Self-Confidence: Reasons Why it is low?

Life is such a rollercoaster. Likewise, our ability to accept and trust our skills and abilities fluctuate from time to time. The confidence directed towards ourselves depends on a variety of factors, but sometimes we neglect to be objective to what are the major reasons why at times, our self-confidence is at all-time low. These primary influences will be discussed in this blogpost. Overly-stressing and mediocre experiences The inability to handle things within our capacity is a common reason. Some people force themselves way too much their limits, and such expectations are quite ambitious considering previous experiences. Ofcourse, individuals end up being frustrated, and some even give up - a telltale sign that one is developing self-confidence. However, the opposite is equally dangerous. Putting oneself in a playsafe environment will not stimulate growth and creativity, and thus people will be blinded to what they can actually do and achieve, as well as recognize what makes themsel