Self-Confidence: Reasons Why it is low?

Life is such a rollercoaster. Likewise, our ability to accept and trust our skills and abilities fluctuate from time to time. The confidence directed towards ourselves depends on a variety of factors, but sometimes we neglect to be objective to what are the major reasons why at times, our self-confidence is at all-time low. These primary influences will be discussed in this blogpost.

Overly-stressing and mediocre experiences

The inability to handle things within our capacity is a common reason. Some people force themselves way too much their limits, and such expectations are quite ambitious considering previous experiences. Ofcourse, individuals end up being frustrated, and some even give up - a telltale sign that one is developing self-confidence. However, the opposite is equally dangerous. Putting oneself in a playsafe environment will not stimulate growth and creativity, and thus people will be blinded to what they can actually do and achieve, as well as recognize what makes themselves unique if there is. Self-confidence would falter should one lose control over tasks, or be stagnant and gradually wither with repeatitive non-challenging endeavours on hand.

Toxic individuals around

No man is an island, quite a cliché. We are social beings, and our emotions, belief including that towards ourselves are dependent to who we immerse with. There exists toxic individuals, who are characterized by extreme self-doubt, unmanageable neuroticism, or simply chronic envy of other's successes. Should be an individual be surrounded by them, self-confidence deteriorates at an instance. It is quite obvious that we exude energy that in turn has an effect to anything we meet and experience, so it is crucial to be cautious with dealing with people. The word is to be cautious, not ignore or disrespect them. Because if we do the latter, we become toxic for others as well. Keep a distance, and be aware about the possible consequences. Should one observe signs of negative outcomes of being around with toxic individuals, step back for your self-confidence's sake.

Lack of an objective self-awareness

This is basic in psychology, especially in a therapeutic relationships. In a nutshell, should one is uncertain to one's strength and weaknesses, all of these will be manifested extrinsically through lack of self-confidence. It sounds very self-explanatory that self-doubt and self-confidence are on the opposing ends of a spectrum, antonyms in simplest terms. However, the type of self-awareness is either deliberate or purposeful. This does not merely involve a short and spontaneous reflection about who we are and what we can do. Rather, a continuous attempt to delve into our history, tendencies and reactions, with the recognition that all of these could possibly act on our attitude to ourselves, our self-confidence.

It is extremely essential to point out that self-confidence is affected by some other elements, both within ourselves and in our immediate environment. However, perhaps these three are the most usual, and has the most significant effect. On the contrary, should one plans to deliberately pull another's confidence negatively, here are where Achilles tendon lies. However, I encourage that instead of drawing each other down, why not instead aid in keeping the spirits of others high. It does not cost a lot. Let us be kind with one another, a great reminder to everyone. 


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