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What is "Gigil"?

Gigil! Ghhhh - that feeling yes! It is somehow unexplainable but certainly felt. The Filipino feeling of "gigil" as a complex mix of emotions and behaviors that are deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture. This is the focus of this blogpost. "Gigil" can be described as a feeling of intense excitement, enthusiasm, or affection that is often expressed through physical actions such as pinching, squeezing, or tickling. This feeling can be directed towards a variety of stimuli, including loved ones, cute or adorable things, or even frustrating or irritating situations. For example, when a parent sees their child doing something cute, they may feel gigil, which is a mix of overwhelming love and the urge to pinch or squeeze their child. This feeling is so strong that it can result in a physical reaction, such as tightening of the chest or fists. However, a person may also feel gigil towards someone who has wronged them, such as a cheating partner or a rude co-

Millennials, We Are Generation Y

It is quite amazing that almost one month from now, I will be celebrating my birthday. I could not ignore the fact, that I actually feel older. I am noticing changes in my body that I never had just months before. I could willingly attribute these changes to my age. Unsurprisingly, I consider myself belonging to Generation Y. As a millennial or one belonging to Generation Y, let me give a glimpse into our lifestyle, problems, and what makes us unique. Buckle up, because it's going to be a wild and tech-savvy ride! First things first, millennials were born between 1980 and 1996, making us the largest living generation in the world. We're all about technology since we grew up with personal computers and the internet. We're practically glued to our smartphones and can navigate the digital world like nobody's business. Because of this, we value instant gratification and seek convenience. We love speed and on-demand services, which is why apps like Uber, Airbnb,