What is "Gigil"?

Gigil! Ghhhh - that feeling yes! It is somehow unexplainable but certainly felt. The Filipino feeling of "gigil" as a complex mix of emotions and behaviors that are deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture. This is the focus of this blogpost.

"Gigil" can be described as a feeling of intense excitement, enthusiasm, or affection that is often expressed through physical actions such as pinching, squeezing, or tickling. This feeling can be directed towards a variety of stimuli, including loved ones, cute or adorable things, or even frustrating or irritating situations. For example, when a parent sees their child doing something cute, they may feel gigil, which is a mix of overwhelming love and the urge to pinch or squeeze their child. This feeling is so strong that it can result in a physical reaction, such as tightening of the chest or fists.

However, a person may also feel gigil towards someone who has wronged them, such as a cheating partner or a rude co-worker. This feeling can manifest as a desire to confront the person and give them a piece of their mind, even if it's not the most appropriate time or place. There are also instances that maybe characterized by gigil, especially in these situations:

I can't wait to learn new things.

Embrace the feeling of "gigil" by channeling your excitement and enthusiasm towards learning new things. Keep an open mind, stay curious, and approach new experiences with a sense of wonder and joy. Let the feeling of "gigil" motivate you to seek out new knowledge and grow as a person.

I can't wait for a major date.

Allow the feeling of "gigil" to fuel your anticipation and excitement for your upcoming date. Instead of feeling nervous or anxious, channel that energy into feeling excited and enthusiastic about the possibility of making a connection with someone special. Focus on the positive aspects of the date and let your "gigil" drive your optimism and hope for a great time.

I can't wait for things to unfold.

Rather than feeling impatient or anxious about the unknown, embrace the feeling of "gigil" and approach life with a sense of anticipation and excitement for what's to come. Trust that things will unfold in their own time and focus on the positive possibilities that the future may hold. Let the feeling of "gigil" motivate you to stay hopeful and optimistic about the future.

I can't wait for to start anew.

Use the feeling of "gigil" to drive your motivation and enthusiasm for starting fresh. Embrace the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new beginning and channel that energy towards making positive changes in your life. Let the feeling of "gigil" inspire you to take action and make the most of your new start.

I can't wait for the pandemic to end.

Allow the feeling of "gigil" to drive your hope and optimism for the future. Focus on the positive developments that are being made towards ending the pandemic, and channel your energy towards doing your part to keep yourself and your community safe. Let the feeling of "gigil" motivate you to stay positive and hopeful, even during difficult times. Remember that brighter days are ahead, and keep looking towards the future with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Moreover, the feeling of "gigil" is shaped by various cultural and social factors, such as the importance of family and close relationships in Filipino culture, the emphasis on emotional expression and physical touch, and the influence of media and popular culture. Additionally, the feeling of "gigil" can be influenced by personal experiences, such as childhood memories or past traumas, and can vary depending on individual personality traits and cultural background.

Despite its seemingly lighthearted nature, the feeling of "gigil" can also have deeper cultural and social implications. For example, the expression of "gigil" towards children or loved ones can reinforce the importance of family and close relationships in Filipino culture, while the expression of "gigil" towards frustrating or irritating situations can serve as a way of coping with stress or adversity. Additionally, the feeling of "gigil" can also contribute to the perpetuation of gender stereotypes and expectations, as it is often associated with traditionally feminine behaviors such as nurturing and caregiving.

Overall, the feeling of "gigil" is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that reflects the cultural and social values of Filipino society, while also having important personal and emotional implications for individuals. In a sociological point-of-view, it is important to understand and appreciate the cultural context of "gigil," while also being aware of its potential social and gendered implications. At last, this blogpost has come to an end - yes that gigil feeling!


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