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10 years, 10 months, 10 days ago

  December 21, 2009 – April 8, 2011 This is the second installment of the historical throwback in this blogspot, focusing on world affairs and how it shaped the events in my life and the environment surrounding me. In the end, a reflection on how the past influenced the present is provided. What was happening in the world? The worldwide recession is coming to an end. Pope Benedict XVI was knocked down by a woman during a procession at St. Peter’s Basilica. Pedophilia and sex scandals, however, plagued the Catholic church in Europe and South America. Later, the pope made controversial visits in Israel, Cyprus, and Ireland. On the other hand, Portugal, Argentina, and Mexico City legalized same-sex marriages. Meanwhile, the Swedish Supreme sentenced the owners of The Pirate bay, an online index of digital content. Norwegian Magnus Carlsen became the youngest world chess grandmaster. Meanwhile, Norway and Russia end a maritime border conflict in the Barents Sea. North and South Korea

We Should Do All Our Share (Poem on Climate Change)

Can we reverse the deleterious effects of climate change? Later, or else ecological habitats destroyed and estranged Nearly we made natural adaptatation almost impossible Planetary greenhouse effects are also becoming irreversible Carbon human footprint in decades continuously increase Level of increased fossil fuel consumption also never cease Nitrous oxide and chemicals pollutes land, water, air due to us Petroleum, coal and oil limited use thus, we need to discuss Carbon offset measures and laws therefore are necessary List of harmful pollutants are unlimited; we must be wary Note to everyone: we have to safeguard our ozone layer Plant more trees against UV rays: for all, a need and prayer Carbon tax should be implemented by countries, overall Like and push politicians to adopt and enforce Kyoto Protocol Never too late to defend clean environment and atmosphere Persistent sea level rise, remember is a threat all of us to fear Climate justice should be enshrined in laws and supported