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No One Like Us (Poem)

  Who really are we? Is a good but tough question. Do we have a life based who we are, or in discretion? Is there an approach for us to understand us better? Releasing ourselves from self-restraints like fetters   We have contrasting dimensions even in oneself There is definitely something beyond   the public self Charactetistics both for us and others are well-known Everything about us clearly to public we have shown   Besides there are things and traits we are blinded Try hearing what others say; never be close-minded Perception by others, we ourselves are unaware Society see something but we don’t, sounds unfair?   Be attentive, not everything about us we are in control Even how much we try, thus there’s always a loophole Intriguigingly there is segment of us we keep hidden Traits we withhold for life like truth that is forbidden   This a confirmation that every single manages a facade Presenting ourselves reasonably to be applaud In this way some people result in standing in awed Q

15 Years After Being a Nursing Topnotcher

Wow, can you believe it's been 15 years since that life-changing moment when I ranked sixth among 88,000 nursing graduates in the Philippines? Talk about a journey! But let me tell you, it's been one heck of a ride, and I've picked up some major lessons along the way. Different start First off, learning is like a hunger that comes from deep within. I've soaked up experiences like a sponge, from being a clinical instructor in the nursing academe to freelancing as a nursing lecturer. I've dived into nursing research with not one, but two master theses, dipped my toes into nursing administration as an assistant to the nursing dean, and even started at the bottom as a nursing assistant in a nursing home in Oslo, Norway. And let's not forget my time as a nurse in various hospital wards—Obstetric-gynecology, medical-surgical, pediatric units, and specializing in substance abuse in the acute department. Yep, I've seen it all—from different body openings