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No obligation to answer

Social media has changed the lives of people significantly. Individuals share information about them and the things they are experiencing day-to-day. There seems to be a common knowledge about certain people based on what a person is sharing on social media. Everything in social media revolves around the image each person is portraying in the public. There seems to be a symbiotic relationship among digital peers to willingly expose some details of themselves even to the critical strangers. However, there is a new phenomenon occurring of the emergence of "little celebrities", who in one way or another are indebted to their social media followers, obliging them in a way to share more information about themselves even though it may not be necessary. The problem is that people no longer ask each other about what is happening, rather people in isolation are by rule obliged to tell something even no one is asking. Has social media made the obligation to answer even there i

The Impossible Partner: 15 Desirable Traits

Not everyone in this world would eventually find a partner in life. In fact, the probability of being with the incorrect person is higher than the opposite. This is dependent on a person's expectations on how his or her partner should behave like. This makes it almost impossible for one to meet all sets of criteria of another, leading to an aspiration of a perfect but impossible partner. This is the focus of this blogpost, that is to enumerate the most common attributes of this certainly desired person, but very improbable for a single individual to possess all. 1. A person full of contrasts A partner should never cease to be interesting. It is therefore desirable to be with a person full of contrasts. Determined but at times relaxed. Creative but sometimes rigid. Emotional but still stable. Stable but open for change. Experienced but still young at heart or the opposite. Relatable but not exactly the same as ourselves. The sharper the contrasts are the more interestin