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Twenty Twenty-One

How do we summarize the year 2021? It is quite complicated as it seems, especially who works as a nurse in the middle of the pandemic. However, I will attempt to summarize into three parts: work, personal and general reflection. This will be the focus of this blogpost. TWENTY highlights of my work situation. 1. Alpha variant . The year started with long bout with Corona virus at work.  2. Beta variant . Yes we were hit the British variant as well.  3. Delta variant . It was very sporadic, but nevertheless, I felt less the brunt of the delta variant at work. But from time to time, some of my colleagues are affected. 4. Omicron variant . Well, as of this writing, we are hearing some cases at work. Hopefully, the situation will not get worse. 5. End . Yes, I ceased to work at a nursing home where I had a tenured part-time work. 6. Start . I started anew with night shift tenured work in one of Oslo's most modern health facility. 7. Reduced . Given that I began anew at one

The Day That Changed It All: Sendong

Dawn of 17th of December 2011. That was ten years ago. I fell asleep around 1 o'clock in the morning after a five-hour bus travel from my hometown Butuan to the island metropolis of Cagayan de Oro. It was an unusual travel. Roads were blocked by gushing waters, falling trees and long queues of vehicles going to the city. I was not so alarmed because weather disturbance was not uncommon. The intensity is well-quite expected, but it has been raining continuously for hours. The day before I had last lecture in the university before the Christmas vacation. It was raining, and a little bit cold. Nothing unusual. In the middle of my morning lecture, I received a text message. There was a change of plans. I will sleep on a hotel near the city center instead of the hotel nearby the river. I guess they decided it to be that way, because I was expected to arrive around midnight. Just like before I had a full day of lecture until 5 pm, then I take the first bus I get. That simple

Same Person: Just Two Years Apart

Few days ago, I have browsed some of the notes that I have written several years ago. I have come across with an interesting note I wrote 8th of December 2019, two years ago. Quite interestingly, I started writing along the lines I wrote then. I realized the change that happened during that span of time. This is the content of this blogpost. The red one were written last 8th of December 2019. The blue one were written today, 10th of December 2021.   It took awhile before I woke up. It was a long journey before I realized everything. In the last few days, everything seems vague and foggy. I never expected everything became clear and concrete in the last few months. I was not prepared for the last blast. I never expected I was strong enough to withstand all of it. It was hard and mind-blowing. It was easy afterall. It was quite logical. One can never force lies to be facts. It made me think the amount of time wasted. I think I wasted time a bit. I acknowledge that. Is this really what li

To Whom will I Say Sorry

I am quite aware of the fact that there are two great criticisms people throw at me since then: I always fail to say thank you and sorry. The first one is perhaps one of the reasons I created this blogpost so I could permanently thank everyone who helped me. It does not necessarily mean that me failing to thank someone is tantamount to saying I am ungrateful. I am thankful, but I simply just forget to express it explicitly. However, saying sorry remains to be one of my weakness. I just can't easily say sorry without making an argument for not being sorry. I admit, couple of times, I would want to say sorry, but logic and words always dilute my intention to say sorry. So on this blogpost, I would like to enumerate those situations I am deeply sorry. Winter 2019-2020 Quite recently yes. Very few knows about this, but yes, I made a couple of mistakes that influences some of my mistakes today. I was trying to please people, while I was not certain what I really want. I was