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The Twelfth Chapter: New Resilient Version

Today, July 31, 2020 I celebrate my 12000 th day. Last November 5, 2017 , I  wrote a blogpost marking the end of my 11,000 days. I mark this day, because I believe we perhaps can not distinguish the changes on ourselves within a year but reflecting over the last 1,000 days will give us a different perspective in life based on what we have learned and experienced. The Tabula rasa I started the period of my life like a tabula rasa - a clean state of mind. I have preconceived ideas and judgments from my previous experiences, but my new experiences forced me to forget the previous learned ones, or else I would not achieve what I want. It feels like I had to undo everything I believed on.    ( Click here for the first 10,000 days ) What I have During the span of almost three years, I asked myself what I have. This question is something I took for granted before. I felt it is something obvious, not needing to reflect upon. However, this question is essential. Now, I have work,

Right Time for Everything?

When is the right time for everything? Is it today, in the near future or perhaps few months or years from now? This is a perplexing question anyone is confronted. But when can we really say it is the right time? This is the main theme of this blogpost. When you have the courage Courage is a feeling and act of valor inspite of uncertainty and danger. This is I believe the only kind of feeling we need to act. We do not need to feel happy, contented or secured, before we act. When we wait to feel better first before we act, then better do nothing at all. That will certainly take time. Feelings vary from time to time. But courage often happen instantaneously. Do something, rather than waiting for the right feeling. The right time is when you feel brave enough. Just be courageous. After all, if you commit mistakes, you can still rectify them and do better perhaps in another time.  When you have reason Many of us will never take the risk of acting on something before all the necessary infor

Love Yourself in 10 steps

Not long ago I had a major downturn in my life. I kept it a secret to the most important people in life. I was quite lost. I felt that I was begging for attention, time, and affection from other people. I was expecting people to show some empathy and take responsibility of making me feel well. Think about that. The consequences of that was domino of further self-destruction strategies and dysfunctional coping skills that superficially covered the intensity of how my problems impacted my life, not never really addressed the main problem – I was not loving myself as I should. Looking back, I could somehow reflect on the stages I went through to love myself. And, this is the focus of this blogpost 1. Make mistakes Do not be afraid to make mistakes. This is the most dangerous point, when one aspiring change is on a trial-and-error mode. Because the consequence could be worse. People go further downward, and some people self-destruct and lose identity in the process. I did this. Actually, I