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The Good and Bad of High Expectations

Every individual has expectations from time to time. People use it as a barometer to guide decision-making, for example, to either continue moving away or pushing for change. This is however every personal as it varies from one person to another. Moreover, society influences how these expectations are set. Some believe setting the bar high, makes it difficult for one to achieve satisfaction and happiness. Is this true? These will elaborated and reflected upon in this blogpost. High Expectations means higher standards As a tool for decision-making, individial expectations reflect one's standards. The do's and the don'ts for a certain individual. It is relative but society could somehow distinguish should expectations are high enough or low. However, most often expectations are bounded with the person itself. The question from the society would be, a poor beggar should have learned to lower his or her expectations. A beggar can not be just the poor. He or she can