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Reminders of the Past

Things have changed in the last few days. The need to be back on track and get guidance have never been stronger than before. There were setbacks and personal challenges that made things complicated both for me and the significant others. Fortunately, I have already planned a vacation back to where I come from- the Philippines. This is perhaps the most timely and much-needed trip back home I ever had since I started living in Norway. Collective gain is personal gain As an Asian, my personal achievements have always been both a reflection and laurel for the entire family. I celebrate my positive feats because I see my family are also happy and proud what I achieved. That is where I learned the concept of collective gain. However, recently I must say, I have shifted my focus on my personal happiness. It may sound selfish but I realized I needed to steer my life directed to what makes me achieve satisfaction and happiness. Taking responsibilities and consequences independently to actio

Being a Mother: A Perspective of a Son

Today, we remember the love, passion and enthusiasm of all mothers in the world. This is quite timely since in a paternalistic worldview, women are still considered crucial part of the existence of men. There have been ofcourse positive progress compared to few decades ago. However, evidently there is still inequality between gender, such assuming the mother role in the family is considered submissive still to a man-dominated arena. This will not be however be the focus of this blogspot. I will present a perspective not everyone are keen to write on - a son's perspective of being a mother. This post will not be as objective as possible ofcourse. Being a person who will never understand at its full the magnitude of being a mother, there might be exaggerations and inaccuracies in my descriptions and explanations. Nevertheless, this will present some of the challenges every mother confronts daily, which everyone should appreciate. Hoping for a better version of the father

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

When is the best time to back out or not do anything at all? Sounds strange but there are certain situations that do not require one to act on something. It is considered a chicken-hearted response, a non-courageous act to cope and deal with a problem. However, it is not all the time when what is right, proper and expected is the best solution in the reality. This is the focus of this blogpost. Choosing one's battles: Courage versus caution A human being is not designed to handle all types of situations at the same time. We have limited memory, capability, tolerance and resources to utilize when confronted with various sources of stress. If one pushes himself or herself to embrace all kinds of stress simultaneously, exhaustion is more likely to happen. No one wants to reach such phase when all energy seems to have been used. There is no more left for the next things to come. This is to say that stress in itself should be filtered and regulated by means of acting on a se

The Crossing Point

This is it. The point where everything is decided on which way one would go further in the future. Ofcourse, one is hoping things are going to be what is the best for all, but the chances for the opposite side is also significant. This is the crossing point of one's life. Everything after this will change according to what happens in this point. Everyone surrounding one will change depending on the way events will unfold. The moment everything is known, this will just go as it is. As planned in either ways, things will go as it should be. However, everything is still related to this point. Ambivalence grows further When one knows something will change. One would normally not want things to change from the status quo. Everyone wants to do the same thing as before, not expecting any surprises along the way. Some people cope better after-the-fact than others, but no one is ever prepared to handle the period before the change. The calm before the storm or the gut feeling before the s

The Judgment out of Prudence

There are periods in our lives that we take wrong decisions, unnecessarily exposing ourselves to certain serious risks. Those actions are considered imprudent or not based on rational reasoning. They are results of how we judge situations to come up with an action. This blogpost will focus on this process. Learning from previous relevant experiences This is easy said than done. People either forget or ignore the past for them not to feel guilty of doing something unreasonable either at present or in the future. The present will always be more attractive than what had happened in the past. Individuals want to do what they want no matter what. Moreover, some may have difficulty relating the past and the present, such that people could not connect whatever they learned and to how they could use their valuable experiences to the present time. Effective reasonable assessment of situation Knowing what is at hand is a difficult task for most people. One needs to seek sever

On A New Epoch

Few months from now, I will be celebrating my thirtieth birthday. It is with happy heart that I am looking forward to it. Never did I actually planned so much about it, except for the fact that I wanted to celebrate it in Spain. I wanted to have a photoshoot for myself, which I never really had. Today, my life has made a 360-degree turn, and it was because I made a choice that will change my life forever. I am not afraid of change. I was really never afraid of change, or making risks in life. I have started from nothing in a land where I barely knew something. I can say it was never been easy. Even things are getting as difficult as it is, I never made backing off as an option to start with. I am always pushing myself to reach over my limits. I was thirsty for something new and challenging. I became a person, who never give up on my dreams and the feat to achieve higher and better. Because of this, I take risks and embrace change as part of the process. However, recently things are a