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Cultural Differences: East and West

Being new to this Scandinavian land, it has been one of my objectives to allow myself to integrate into the society, not just to have more opportunities and establish social networks, but also for me to learn new things, enriching the values I had before coming here. On the other hand, there are also from the West who are wiling to embrace a new culture from the East, bringing forth the necessary cultural exchange that may augment understanding of similarities and differences. This is enabled by those living on each side of the globe. This is the focus of this blogpost.When East meets WestThe East is composed of diversed groups and ethnicities, but there is one common among all those groups, collective representation and gain. What one achieves or does, whatever it is, is a representation of the group he or she belongs. By saying whatever means anything from taking pictures during travels, taking education or doing good at work. This is because most from the East loves to give pride a…

Happiness: Everyone Deserves

Few days ago, the world marked the International Day of Happiness. As part of the commemoration, survey results on the list of countries whose citizens are the happiest came out, and for several years, Norway (the country where I currently live in) ranked within the happiest based on several indicators. However, these indicators would give the impression that happiness is something dependent on other factors, such as that it could be compared in terms of indices. I am not saying that the survey result is non-credible but what I am pointing out is that happiness is something that everyone could have, because everyone deserves it. This is the focus of this blogpost.Social security could influence.The people that surrounds us and the amount one gets from the environment are crucial influence of the happiness experience. A person  maybe stable within, but if the immediate environment is not congruent with this, a person may feel discontented in the long run. This is not because the enviro…

Less is More

Man's needs are insatiable. People want more and more of the things they need and want. It seems people do not ever care whether resources are getting scarce, and worse even the desire to be satisfied gets more difficult to attain as days go by. Everyone wants more, but sometimes they do not know what they really want. They just want to get without even thinking those are useful or necessary to them. This mentality has been increasingly popular in these modern days. However, we humans tend to forget that more is less, and less is more. This is the focus of this blogpost.Simplicity is the best.This is easy said than done. Being simple is something associated with something ordinary and boring. People think that being simple is not being unique. This actually some truth to this because people must possess something different to get the attention of another, and as human beings, attention is actually the first step to get recognition, respect and even understanding. However, this is …

Que Sera Sera: Taking Life As It Is

Life is simply something that is unpredictable and full of challenges and surprises. Everyday is change in itself, but no one seems to be well-prepared of these changes. People though attempts to plan to mitigate the risks and consequences of forthcoming changes. However, the change may still occur with the accompanying adverse possibilities regardless of how well the plan has been made and implemented. Because of this, some people take life as it is, day-by-day, uncomplicated and at its simplest form, as what the famous song, Que Sera Sera. This is the focus of this blogpost.Take one at a time.Many are quite busy of many things at the same time. Some become very busy of so many things simultaneously that they forget to live their lives to the fullest. One must be efficient, but being efficient does not automatically mean optimum. What is optimal is to give full attention to one at a time, and learn to enjoy in the process og making failures and success along the process. Efficiency f…

Modern Narcissistic Tendencies

Modern technology has paved way to another trend in the values and characteristics of the society. People have become more and more self-conscious than before. There are things that we never did before, but today is completely acceptable and even morally-tolerated. The big question will always, does the technological advancement made us more inclined to become narcissistic? This blogpost revolves around this question.It is all about me, while others observe.Social media has now become a media to share everything about what is happening in the life of a particular person. What we are doing, eating and wearing, to where we are traveling are perhaps few of the most liked themes in social media. On the other hand, topics about social movement, education and advocacies earn the tags of being boring and too formal in the social media space. Because of this, people would particularly be incentivized through the attention they get to continue doing these self-directed usage of social media. T…

Nothing Lasts Forever

Forever never really exists in this human world at least. Everything changes and everything seem reach the end phase of its own existence. It is quite natural that something could end to justify the significance of another. This is just the way things are, and this is the focus of this blogpost.Human's MortalityLife as a biologic process ends. Even though, we humans are not willing to die but in one point in the future, we have to face the fact that we are going to die. Our will to live may not deteriorate, such as our view of life remains as optimistic as it has been before, but our bodily functions could not outwit the strength of our will. It is clear that most people are afraid to die mainly because we are afraid what will happen afterwards to our loved ones, and to our so-called soul after death. Just because death has a religious significance, death is associated with anxiety and uncertainty. On the other hand, we should not focus on the conflicting perspectives of life afte…

Time Flies So Fast (Personal Poem)

New Year's Eve was just like yesterday. Everything seems to be happening in fast pace. This is something I have observed in the last few months. It is quite exciting to know what will happen in this next months, but ofcourse the anxiety is still there because no one would ever know what would happen. Today, I am writing a personal blogpost to serve as a checkpoint of where I stand in my life as of this moment in time. Today is not my birthday though, but it is worthy to mark this day with something unique - a poem.Since 2017 began, everything seems to be in fast pace.
Various events, situations that test both skills and grace
Those unfinished last year is currently well-unfolding.
Still pushing my luck, taking chances not withholding.With my nursing license, things are brightening at last
This is what I have been hoping for long in steadfast
Just crossing my fingers, the last exam went well.
If it turns out to be successful, I'll celebrating in yell.Although, the transition th…