Nothing Lasts Forever

Forever never really exists in this human world at least. Everything changes and everything seem reach the end phase of its own existence. It is quite natural that something could end to justify the significance of another. This is just the way things are, and this is the focus of this blogpost.

Human's Mortality

Life as a biologic process ends. Even though, we humans are not willing to die but in one point in the future, we have to face the fact that we are going to die. Our will to live may not deteriorate, such as our view of life remains as optimistic as it has been before, but our bodily functions could not outwit the strength of our will. It is clear that most people are afraid to die mainly because we are afraid what will happen afterwards to our loved ones, and to our so-called soul after death. Just because death has a religious significance, death is associated with anxiety and uncertainty. On the other hand, we should not focus on the conflicting perspectives of life after death, inspite we should set our sight and attention that indeed death is real. No matter what the most important thing is how we live our life today until the time just before we experience our own mortality.

Descendence of Relationships

The level of communication also varies from time to time. Because this, same people involved on the same situation at varying points of time could experience fluctuating levels of understanding, intimacy, openness and even care. This is because those fundamentals of relationships are based on communication. Change an aspect of communication and the status of relationship would be affected. It is ofcourse unnecessarily to end worthwhile relationships but this could be a last resort when the change in communication has deviated excessively from what it has been, and the mutual benefits coming from the relationship could either no longer exist or has significantly dimunitive value.

The Point of No Return

There are times when our options simply ran out such that one could say that he or she finally reached the limit of a particular situation. One could be forced to make a change or decide on a termination of something. This could be done in anticipation or as a reaction of a change agent, a catalyst or a new situation. The end may revolve around the necessity to enact a challenging decision that may involve a dilemma concerning the end itself. This is quite complicated, and most people would naturally take time to cope after a particular end.

It is natural for people to get sad when one never exists. No one is ever prepared to handle the stress and anxiety that forms the consequences of a termination, or change. Some cope very well with change, as they have learned to accept that endings or change really happens, and nothing could change that fact. One could acknowledge the fact and move on thereafter. That is also quite natural to do.


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