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You Are What You Eat

This old adage is commonly heard especially in the advent of researches supporting healthy diet and good nutrition. It is quite simple to understand but by the mechanisms to which how this works may not be as simple as it is. These mechanisms and how they affect our behavior will be the focus of this blogpost.
You eat well you feel well
This is perhaps standard belief about food. What we take into our body will start a series of reactions that dictate the functioning of our organs as a whole. Nutritionists recommends everything in moderation, not entirely removing one food group because in a way even bad stuffs have purpose in the body. That is even bad cholesterol which has fatty acids that make up the protective linings of our organs. These cholesterol are not just the sole source of these fatty acids, but nevertheless, they could provide one. But excessive intake of food containing bad cholesterol would probably clog our arteries, reducing the amount of circulated oxygen needed bad…

Chaos At Work

Each of one of us want some order and specific explanations about the things and people that surround us. We attempt to find patterns of behavior so we could infer the probable subsequent actions one has as a reaction to a known stimulus. However, to our surprise and frustration, not everything in this world follows according to our assumption and understanding of the environment. Due to find, we search for logical reasons to justify them. But at sometimes, there is none. We think it is unnatural and chaotic. In reality, it is chaos at work.
This blogpost will delve around exploring the concept of chaos, as a legitimate means to explain certain phenomena in our lives. This will also tackle on the various examples how chaos theoretical assumptions influence us in our day-to-day activities.
Not everything can be explained by logic
One thing is certain logic is non-linear. It is not just cause-effect relationship. There is a bunch of factors that influence an event or a person. It does n…

Who To Be With

The search to find individuals to be with, especially the right partner is perhaps one of the most challenging of all. Many end up with relationships which are no longer producing the outcomes and meeting expectations one has. This is perhaps because one has not made the search as more specific as possible. Specific characteristics are very crucial such that these are universal requirements before being with someone for either for friendship or deeper relationships. This is the focus of this blogpost.One who knows you well.Not all people has the time or the will to know another person well. Everyone wants to hear only what is pleasing to one's ears. Some people would think that they could just in one day meet a person who will be eagerly interested with them and has all the characteristics they want. This however is not true in reality. For one to find someone, one has to be truly interested with meeting people, no matter who they are. One has to have the interest to listen to oth…

Reaping What Is Sown

The concepts of gratitude, hardwork and the common good are well-rooted from the belief of reaping what is sown. It is a fundamental principle of life deeply associated with religious teachings and spiritual beliefs. It is also not unusual that this has become a crucial part of parental reminders, and customs and traditions in a given society. To how this life guiding principle has become useful nowadays is the focus of this blogpost.
We start from something to gain thereafter.
Nothing is done without having started something. That is very simple to understand. However, the process does not tell how long things would last or the outcome will itself be favorable. There is a beginning and there will be a conclusion. This implies one has to have courage and patience to go through everything, and willingness to accept whatever outcome will yield.
We do good to others so others would eventually do the same to us.
The common good is the ultimate purpose of any individual. One may opt not to…

My Atypical Father

Today (July 19, 2017) is the 58th birthday of my father. This is perhaps the second time I will be writing about him in my blog. It is not too often that I talk about my father because perhaps we have an unusual father-son relationship. I can say it is not easy to describe how he is as a father, but there are ofcourse highlights that somehow characterizes him as a person and a family member.
Similar facial features and temper
Obviously, I share some physical features with my father. That is not ofcourse surprising. However, not everyone knows that my temper is almost similar to his. Ofcourse, only my family knows what I am talking about. I have changed a lot since I lived in Norway and that temper problem have improved a lot. But my father and I have similar tendencies on this aspect. Once we believe on something, even though it is quite distorted, we try to find reasons and ideas to justify and make it real. No discussions could mitigate that, except ofcourse time that allows us to u…

The Survivor Bias

The best advice one can get is from a person who underwent challenges relevant and similar to what we are experiencing today. This is something many believed to be true. This is the reason why people only choose to be with people who are seemingly successful in their fields to serve as both an inspiration and mentor for them to achieve similar level of success. However, this may not be true and accurate at all times. In a logical perspective, the advices we get from these so-called successful people are representative of survivor bias. This is the focus of this blogpost.
Survivor bias is simply drawing inaccurate conclusions based from the experiences of those who successfully achieved something. It is a bias because the actual level of difficulty of the process of success is not singly gauged based on those few who were successful, but also together with those many who were not able to do so. As a result of this bias, people may perceive everything seems easy, even though it is not …

Attention: The Ultimate Relationship Key

The greatest need of an individual perhaps is recognition of one's presence. This allows a person to be himself or herself in any situation, may it be stressful, new or not. This gives an individual the needed self-confidence to solve problems to contribute for others and function better as an individual. This is the reason why we, humans need to get the attention we need from others to be at ease with ourselves, and at the same time be socially-effective in our relationships with others.The opposite is actually true. A person who is not getting sufficient and appropriate attention will never realize the advantages of having a relationship at all. It is therefore crucial to describe the process of determining what kind of attentions we humans need and find in another.Attention reflects fundamental interest.The beginning of any relationship is charactericterized by increasing amount of attention given by both individuals in a relationship. This is therefore the state when people ar…