Reaping What Is Sown

The concepts of gratitude, hardwork and the common good are well-rooted from the belief of reaping what is sown. It is a fundamental principle of life deeply associated with religious teachings and spiritual beliefs. It is also not unusual that this has become a crucial part of parental reminders, and customs and traditions in a given society. To how this life guiding principle has become useful nowadays is the focus of this blogpost.

We start from something to gain thereafter.

Nothing is done without having started something. That is very simple to understand. However, the process does not tell how long things would last or the outcome will itself be favorable. There is a beginning and there will be a conclusion. This implies one has to have courage and patience to go through everything, and willingness to accept whatever outcome will yield.

We do good to others so others would eventually do the same to us.

The common good is the ultimate purpose of any individual. One may opt not to think about what is good for others, but everyone is encouraged to contribute something good to others. By being good to oneself even without actively helping others could be the least we can do. By doing so, we are confident with ourselves and will have lesser tendencies of harming others. However, doing good should not be interpreted as an expectation for others to do the same, instead an action without expecting any returns.

We must be filled with feeling of gratitude to be ready enough to receive more blessings.

The universe they say will grant the desires and aspirations of those who are good and open enough to accept more positive outcome. This is the reason everyone are encouraged to be thankful no matter how big or small we receive. It is therefore not what we receive, but how develop within ourselves the value of gratitude and positivity, which will serve as multiplying factor for all positive things we received and given.

Personally, this elementary life principle is too simple to describe what life has to offer. In reality, life is not as easy as we think it is. Not all good seeds would yield good fruits. There are no guarantees in life, we could only hope for the best by doing what is possible at a given moment.  However, this is not to undermine this great reminder for everyone. Positivity could definitely yield something positive so it is important for everyone to sow goodness to at least contribute something to others.


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