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My Sick Experience

It was just about 24 hours ago when I had surgery in Oslo University Hospital. I really did not expect things to unfold very quick, leaving me surprised and unprepared. Generally, I can say no one wants to get sick, especially when one is in a foreign land. However, there are things I learned from my sick experience, which are worth-sharing to others as well. My sickness After ten days of returning from the Philippines, I noticed I had some fresh lower gastrointestinal bleeding, which is coupled with severe throbbing pain and high fever. Due to symptoms, it resulted for me not to move well and has affected the way I do tasks at work. So, I was forced by my sister to ask medical help. Treatment First, we went to the nearest Emergency Room where a so-called legevakt will address my condition. A legevakt is a doctor, who an individual can approach in acute and emergency situations. On the other hand, all taxpayers have their own fastlege or regular physicians for consultations and for

Unknown Feeling This Time Again

How could I describe a feeling unknown and undefined for me to address how I deal with it? It is complicated but the said unusual feeling is a product of events that makes me feel either stagnant or unchallenged. This is also brought about by events beyond my control such that it seems tomorrow is an uncertain mystery. I do not know how to react but this I felt before and now. Writing about it may shed light later and give a sense of direction to myself and readers of this blogpost. There are several things I associate with this unknown indescribable, but noticeable. 1. The feeling is brought by a routine, which seems unending. Before I was working almost 12 hours a day, seven times a week. I was engaged in teaching several subjects, which somehow provides spice and challenge to my work. However after doing the same thing for over two years, I realized and felt the monotony. This lead me to choose changes and risks that breaks this monotony. On the other hand, currently I work severa

Manila, Philippines: Reducing Risk of Pickpocketing

The day before my scheduled flight back to Oslo, I intented to meet my friend since high school in Manila; given that we only managed to talk once in the past three years. The plan was made few weeks before so I was quite excited to share my thoughts and experiences again with my friend. Since there was a shopping center just across my hotel, I initially chosed to eat in a good restaurant so we could maximize my limited time over eating, my favorite past time. However, as we roam around the shopping center, there were few options for us to choose from; either the ambiance was too crowded or the food did not suit the taste of both I and my friend. So, it was a natural choice to find another bigger place to dine. One of the largest mall in the world named SM Megamall was quite nearby, accessible through any public transportation. Thereafter, we headed out through exit and found a waiting area for buses and taxi; which was also located near the ATM machines. At that time, my concern was

How Cebu City Captured My Heart and Soul

Cebu is the second largest Philippine metropolis. This city boasts of being tagged as the Queen City of the Southern Philippines and one of the most important city for Philippine history as the seat of early Christianization and colonization of the country. Personally, I have only been in Cebu few times but I have never experienced being in the city, so I really wanted to travel back. Recently, I had the chance to be in the city for three days and I can say Cebu City has captured my heart and soul. In this article, I will be pointing out major reasons why I fell instantly for this urban area. Cebu is bastion of the Cebuano-speaking people. Since Cebuano is my mother tongue, the language is music to my ears. Its Spanish influence, word precision and depth makes it unique compared with other Philippine languages. The varying accents and usage of words among millions of Filipinos embracing the language reflects the diversity among the culture among Cebuano-speaking people of the Sou