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WATCH: Bratislava, Slovakia

Here is the video of my short trip to Bratislava. For more blogposts on Bratislava, click the link below. Bratislava

Vienna, Austria: The Habsburg and The Metropolis Part 2

The capital of the Central European landlocked country is the seat of Habsburg dynasty, who reigned a vast area in Europe. Vienna is considered a reminder of a colorful history of the Austrian nation, which was challenged by the Protestantism and Ottoman Empire. The metropolis provides a glimpse of the Austrian alliance with Hungary in the 18 th century and with Germany during the First World War. Today, Vienna is the most populous federal state in Austria, a center of democracy and melting pot of European cultures and influences. These are the few reasons why I was interested in visiting Vienna. This is the second part of short visit in Vienna, Austria. Click herefor the Part 1. 1.        Wiener Opernball The Vienna Opera Ball is the social center for the ball season in Vienna Carnival. It houses the largest meeting place for creative artists, entrepreneurs and politicians from home and abroad, which has an economic factor in the Austrian capital. 2.   

Vienna, Austria: The City of Dreams Part 1

Considered to be one of the prosperous and most livable city within the European Union and the German-speaking world, Vienna is a unique historical and cultural metropolis. Historically, it is the home of the Habsburg rule, which ruled a significant area in Europe, and the protector of the Christianity in its time during the continued threats of invasions of the Ottomans and Moros from Africa. It is a symbol of power of the Great Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was a primary force for the beginning of the First World War. Aside from being major geo-political influence in Europe and the world, Vienna is home of great scientists and artists to name Sigmund Freud. This is the reason why Vienna is called the City of Dreams due to city buildings’ architecture and the connotation of dreams with Freud’s psychoanalysis, which uses dream analysis to know an individual’s personality. Interestingly, Vienna has drawn so much interest from tourists. Personally, Vienna, Austria is one of my