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Social Media Toddlers?

In today's world, sharing information has become very convenient, fast and efficient. Some people are totally dependent on social media. Even though the credibility of social media as a source of information is often questioned, one can not disregard that in connection to personal data, it is the primary medium of sharing and obtaining information about others. The ethical dilemma now exists on whether we are sharing more personal information than we should actually do. Or have we become social media "harlots", whose primary skill is to attract more attention to get in exchange of anything good for themselves both in the form of confidence and concrete monetary benefits. Where the line stands? If there is no significant learning triggered after by sharing personal information, then the act of this type of sharing becomes more of a mere physical act, rather than being both influential and inspirational. This is a line seen in a general contexts, not concrete cases or si

The Youngest in Our Family

Exactly one month before my birthday, my nephew is celebrating his (August 23). There are certainly a lot of things in our lives that remind us of his natal date, especially the approximate length of time we were actually living in Norway, including all the experiences and challenges we had here. However, in my mind, today is a day of celebration for the youngest member of the family, Francis. A symbol of a new era The birth of Francis marks a new phase in our family. There is a significant difference on how it has been before he was born and from that it is after. Coincidentally, the family took another track with Francis as a reminder of that. We strive harder so that the next phase will be better than the current one. We are hoping that by that time my nephew and niece will take the leading role for the benefit of the entire family. An inspiration to all of us I consider Francis as the common midpoint in the family. Whatever differences in opinions, ideas and principles within t

What has changed

Things have changed significantly over the years. If I could look back for example five years ago, I could remember I had 11-hour workday as I see it from some digital documents I saved. I ended at around 8 pm from a class in my third workplace. I was very tired but I had no choice because I still have another long workday the day after. I literally have no free day in a week, with an average of 70 work hours per week. I had a goal every month to earn a certain amount that could support the whole family. Today, a lot has changed, almost 360-degree turn from what it has been. This blogpost is dedicated for that tremendous change. Rest and peace of mind Tranquility, serenity and peace are what I aim to have everyday. I want to distance myself from noise, trouble and complications. I want to continuously find meaning of life, and understand others both their aspirations and uniqueness. I am interested of what others to say and what others are interested to hear from me. These are what I

High Respect for My Mother

Today (August 8) is the birthday of my mother. I have not missed a year as far as I remember not writing about her in my personal blog. It is quite obvious I have many things to write about her. I think I would tirelessly write about her. She is simply an amazing person. My mother showed me what grit is. My mom did not achieve what I did but one thing is for certain, if she had the opportunity before, she could have succeeded more in life and career. This is because she has the grit personality, which is a long-lasting determination to do something even without expecting immediate positive returns. In grit, patience is indeed a virtue, and time is not a hindrance but an opportunity. I saw that grit personality everyday when I was a child in her. I learned to compromise things wholeheartedly because my mom sacrificed more than I could ever do in my lifetime. In my mind, there is no excuse for not doing something. My mom could do it, why can't I? My mother made me understand women

First 200 Weeks of Living in Norway

This week I am marking my first 200 weeks of living in Norway. That was quite a long time but it feels like some of the events happened just yesterday. Since my blog is something I consider my public diary, it would be fitting to write about it here. Goal of making me grow up The primary goal is to make me more responsible and mature enough for future endeavours. I think I am accomplishing it here in Norway. I got a deeper insight of what life is and new perspective on how to live it. Life is not just about struggles and the lessons that come with it. It is about the moments of happiness that makes it meaningful and unique. We live only once we just have to do what we could to give and find meaning to our existence. Some things do change for good The track I am traversing right now is a product of the actions and decisions I made that are contributory for the permanent changes in my life ahead. Going back to the Philippines for good becomes more and more improbable. The things I us