What has changed

Things have changed significantly over the years. If I could look back for example five years ago, I could remember I had 11-hour workday as I see it from some digital documents I saved. I ended at around 8 pm from a class in my third workplace. I was very tired but I had no choice because I still have another long workday the day after. I literally have no free day in a week, with an average of 70 work hours per week. I had a goal every month to earn a certain amount that could support the whole family. Today, a lot has changed, almost 360-degree turn from what it has been. This blogpost is dedicated for that tremendous change.

Rest and peace of mind

Tranquility, serenity and peace are what I aim to have everyday. I want to distance myself from noise, trouble and complications. I want to continuously find meaning of life, and understand others both their aspirations and uniqueness. I am interested of what others to say and what others are interested to hear from me. These are what I desire to experience. To do this, I travel and find time for myself as much as possible. Significantly, I have been more sociable than I was five years ago. This is because I no longer aim to just survive, but I aim to use time maximally for the benefit of both myself and others.

More stable tenured work

There has been changes in work lately but still I continue to have a tenured job. This I will vow to have because it has led me both to have the economic resources to do what I desire and find the time to do them. Work is no longer what defines myself, it is just an important part of it. I use work as a means not to depend on the resources of the family. What I utilize for my travels and personal endeavours are from what I have earned myself. Contrary to what others believe, my family's resources is totally separate from both mine and even my sister's. It has been like that for several years now. Simply, our job here in Norway is enough to support what we need, want and provide for ourselves and others.

More options, more opportunities

This is perhaps the major difference. I had more options now both here in Norway or in the Philippines. Working longer days is not preferred, just an distant probability. Honestly, things were brought about by my decision to stay in Norway. The country provides an open door for anything or to whatever one desires, as long as things are taken seriously. It is very different from what it has been five years ago. I had no choice but to fill up all my free time with work. I could not advance my skill or competencies if I would not reduce my workload and income. There were more compromise than options if I could describe it in a nutshell.

Next year at this time of the year, I hope many positive change has already been in place. A more stable life for both me and my sister in Norway. I aspire that everyone in the family has good health. We hope things still are in good economic state especially all our endeavours in the Philippines. Perhaps, I have traveled to more places and countries. I am still optimistic, but more simple in my life perspective, taking one day at a time. My future goals are not a-must, but an optional thing I could have. Nothing guarantees something. That is what I learned.


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