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100% Guarantee Needed

Uncertainty is an emotion anyone would never want. It results to anxiety and may even cause people coping mechanisms to disintegrate or simply be overwhelmed. Reactions may vary, but at least most of reactions are expressed through denial of the existence of uncertainty, causing an increased time and effort. The feeling of not getting a guarantee may occur in different ways and in various settings. It could be in relationships, policies, plans in career or even in self-confidence and self-worth. Handling uncertainty elicits varying levels of tolerance and acceptance among culture. For example, Filipinos are perhaps used to feeling like "floating-in-the-air", but still remaining hopeful and optimistic. While others may not be tolerant over uncertainty for there exists a structure or plan in one's life that must be followed, unless self-belief will be compromised. Here are three reasons why one needs certainty: A confirmation of the good past. A guarantee is a confirmat

Brain Drain in Numbers: India, Philippines, Pakistan on top

In these modern times, when it is practically convenient and easy to move from one place to another; there exists a modern-day challenge in the form of brain drain. Brain drain is a migration phenomenon when many well-educated and professional individuals leave one place for the hope of a better living and social condition in another place. This situation has been cited many times in various articles, but few resources are found to objectively determine the existence of it. In this blogpost, I will try to provide the evidences that brain drain exists and how it has influenced the lives of people both economically and socially. I tried using statistics to make a general conclusion that emigration has led to significant economic increase in the lives of people, but all those attempts yielded no general patterns. This is because emigration is caused by several factors such as wars, insurgencies, politics etc., which makes it difficult to draw a deductive generalization that those w