100% Guarantee Needed

Uncertainty is an emotion anyone would never want. It results to anxiety and may even cause people coping mechanisms to disintegrate or simply be overwhelmed. Reactions may vary, but at least most of reactions are expressed through denial of the existence of uncertainty, causing an increased time and effort.

The feeling of not getting a guarantee may occur in different ways and in various settings. It could be in relationships, policies, plans in career or even in self-confidence and self-worth. Handling uncertainty elicits varying levels of tolerance and acceptance among culture. For example, Filipinos are perhaps used to feeling like "floating-in-the-air", but still remaining hopeful and optimistic. While others may not be tolerant over uncertainty for there exists a structure or plan in one's life that must be followed, unless self-belief will be compromised.

Here are three reasons why one needs certainty:

A confirmation of the good past.

A guarantee is a confirmation that everything certain today is associated with good and well-coordinated events and actions. It provides an assurance that there will always be a reason why good things happen, only if these actions are grounded by sufficient and appropriate effort and planning. Although this philosophy may not be true at all times such that good things may still happen even the past may not be good enough, it is still logical and natural to connect uncertainties with previous experience and events.

A sign of coordination of the future.

Uncertainty provides a risk for the future. It is usual that man will always keep these risks at a minimum, so it is very important that decisions are made with optimal confidence. By doing so, priorities will be set, maximizing time and effort for one to reach life goals and realize perhaps elusive dreams and wants. More importantly, the risks posted by uncertainties may create the greatest anxiety by the mere thought of the potential losses and disadvantages it may bring to one. This leads to most problems related with a state of no guarantee.

A challenge, not a failure.

Even if uncertainties have its own risks and negative impression, it should not tied with the concept of failure. This is because failure is a result of actions; while uncertainty is a just an anticipation of something to happen, which could result to either a positive or negative outcome. There should be a differentiation between the two. Although as earlier discussed that uncertainty may be a consequence of the past, it is improbable that this thinking is consistent always with reality. Indeed, failure is a result of unresolved uncertainty, while uncertainty may or may NOT be an outcome of the past. There are several reasons still existing that explains and relates to uncertainties.

As my 100th post since starting blogging last year, it would be appropriate to fully describe how I feel and experience. The current challenges and uncertainties I am facing may not happen again in the near future, that is for certain. This stage in my life I believe has been needing a 100% guarantee, so life becomes easier and more convenient. Furthermore, I may not be coping perfectly, but it maybe enough to keep me thinking positive. Certainly, there is an end for this particular uncertainty.


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