No One Like Us (Poem)


Who really are we? Is a good but tough question.
Do we have a life based who we are, or in discretion?
Is there an approach for us to understand us better?
Releasing ourselves from self-restraints like fetters
We have contrasting dimensions even in oneself
There is definitely something beyond  the public self
Charactetistics both for us and others are well-known
Everything about us clearly to public we have shown
Besides there are things and traits we are blinded
Try hearing what others say; never be close-minded
Perception by others, we ourselves are unaware
Society see something but we don’t, sounds unfair?
Be attentive, not everything about us we are in control
Even how much we try, thus there’s always a loophole
Intriguigingly there is segment of us we keep hidden
Traits we withhold for life like truth that is forbidden
This a confirmation that every single manages a facade
Presenting ourselves reasonably to be applaud
In this way some people result in standing in awed
Question of genuiness remains, or are we fraud?
But there’s yet to be divulged to us –the unknown
Kept secret in time to others, even more to us alone
Keeping this unknown at minimum is a tough task
Revealing isn’t as simple as wearing off a face mask
The unconscious part that predisposes our actions
Integral to what degree we differ in social interactions
Amassed through time, as such influences our behavior
Being self-aware thus we become our own saviour
Yes, correct this poem is inspired by Johari’s window
Because without understanding ourselves we’re all in limbo,
Gradually we uncover those windows like dusty shelves
The goal is to make us remember to know better ourselves.
‘Cause without self-mastery, it is hard to be with others
Starting with our friends, parents, sisters or brothers
Seems ourselves are complex, a mystery, or like a myth
Unique human beings we are, no one like us to start with.


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