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3 Qualities of Mob Rule

While browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I came to realize how our country - the Philippines is plagued with not just prevalent corruption, but also with direct and indirect mob rule. People who seems to have control and followership tends to use extra-judicial means to assert control or push for decisions and situations for either their personal advantage or the organization they represent. In this blogpost, I will not single out any organization or issue to help people understand the characteristics of mob rule. This is to provide awareness that mob rule and democracy are concepts on the opposite sides of the continuum. I allow my readers to use the knowledge they get to evaluate situations either current or past, whether these situations fits to the criteria of mob rule. A controlling authority attempting to utilize extra-judicial means The authority maybe an individual, a group or a large institution with objectives they need to pursue and meet for their own growth, survival or adva

The Sea of Opportunities

Coming from a small country with more than 100 million people, it would seem natural to think that opportunities within the country runs out at a very fast rate. This leads for us to seek opportunities in foreign lands as a showcase of optimism of a better and more stable future, when one does not have to compete among others for the meager resources available. However, in reality, this assumptions seems to fail as one transfers to a larger market like other countries, the competition is greater than one expected it to be. Worse, cultural differences makes it more difficult for one to adapt and succeed in the more vast sea of opportunities. In this blogpost, I will present three notions on traversing this so-called sea of opportunities. This itself serves as personal objective guide for me to keep myself on the values and beliefs I have in the midst of the challenges I am personally facing right now. The sea itself is a challenge. Take the initiative to stand out. Should you think a

Why Education is Important?

As a former educator myself, it is but natural for me to have an advocacy on the significance of education. To add, my personal experiences confirms how my education aided me in achieving things I have never even imagined before. However, I am quite aware how strange the concept of education to some. Even others think, it is not as crucial as the experiences we acquire after formal schooling. By saying education; it is not simply attending class and excelling in it because it refers to the state of ongoing learning aided by a structured environment and relevance of experience to inculcate the values of determination and workmanship. In this blogpost, I will highlight the core aspects of education that helps one, not just in his or her career but also in one's life. Education serves as springboard for other opportunities. This however does not say that education guarantees better life and higher achievements because more than education is the ability of an individual to efficient

The Perfect Gift

Anyone would be happy to receive a gift. May it be small or big, the most important is that the person who gave the gift somehow took time to prepare and find the gift that suits one. In return, the person receiving a gift would weigh in whether accepting the gift is well-deserved or not. Nonetheless, a gift is something of value to show someone's worth. In this blogpost, I will present three concepts associated with gifts. This is to remind us that rather questioning on our worthiness of accepting gifts, we should rather be thankful regardless of reasons for it. This to qualify what "perfect" gifts are. The perfect gift is a reflection of another's perception to one. There will always be perfect gifts, which are suited and "custom-made" for the recipients. It is therefore correct to believe that no one other than the specified recipient deserves such gift. However, to say one recipient deserves a gift is independent from the either size, market value or

Comparing Oneself to Others

Have you heard the statement, "I am simply not enough"? I have heard this many times and have been bothered by it; such that I kept looking for answers what lead people to think that way. Then, I realized that many of mankind's insecurity problems are rooted from unnecessarily comparing oneself to others. The purpose of this blogpost is to shed light on the effects of trying to pattern one's life from the life of others through comparing and fitting simultaneously. I mean comparing by looking unto what others have and achieved and thereafter directly or indirectly making other's traits one's own standards or goal. On the other hand, fitting refers to one's attempt to do everything to be the person one thinks he or she needs to be based on what one saw from others. Comparing oneself to others leads to loss of self-worth. When one sees a single diamond, he or she appreciates the beauty of the facets and brilliance of the diamond. However, put the same dia