The Perfect Gift

Anyone would be happy to receive a gift. May it be small or big, the most important is that the person who gave the gift somehow took time to prepare and find the gift that suits one. In return, the person receiving a gift would weigh in whether accepting the gift is well-deserved or not. Nonetheless, a gift is something of value to show someone's worth.

In this blogpost, I will present three concepts associated with gifts. This is to remind us that rather questioning on our worthiness of accepting gifts, we should rather be thankful regardless of reasons for it. This to qualify what "perfect" gifts are.

The perfect gift is a reflection of another's perception to one.

There will always be perfect gifts, which are suited and "custom-made" for the recipients. It is therefore correct to believe that no one other than the specified recipient deserves such gift. However, to say one recipient deserves a gift is independent from the either size, market value or other characteristics of the gift. It is rather grounded on finding gifts that reflect the personality or character of the recipient. Thus, perfect gifts maybe expensive or free, but well-associated with the person receiving it.

The perfect gift requires no one to give in return.

Contrary to what most cultures dictate, gifts loses its value when it is intentionally "returned". A gift is given for a specificied reason; such that when one returns the act of giving gifts for the sake of renumerating the previous act, then gift-giving becomes transactional, materialistic and worthless rather than genuine. No expectations for a return gift is a must to consider a gift real. Should such expectation exists, gifts are no longer gifts but rather barter trade. This clearly differentiates materialism from thanksgiving and appreciation as core values of our living.

Perfect gifts are symbols and recognition of our existence and social well-being.

Gifts are indeed considered gestures, a form of non-verbal communication in which a message is intentionally conveyed through it. These gifts provide a confirmation that someone allocated a suitable and perfect "reward" or "token" for all the exertee effort and good actions shown to others. Furthermore; since man's existence relies on our social nature, gifts yields a concrete evidence for us to seek our primary human beings; that is, to live side by side in harmony with others to realize our existence.

Lastly, the only thing we must say after receiving a gift is thank you. We should not say either why, what or how come. Gifts in any form provides a reason for everyone to live their lives in happiness and optimism, knowing that anytime someone would care to manifest their affection, care and presence to us through gifts.


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