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Eve, Magdalene and the Misunderstood in a Patriarchal Society

Upon reading the title, do not get me wrong. This article is not about biblical passages, nor an attempt to give light on a biblical history. This is about how women are treated in our society today. Their rights and roles have changed in the last decade, but there still exists inequality on how we deal with women vulnerabilities, characteristics and their potentialities. My personal experience with women from my mother, sister, female relatives, friends and some special friends have given me interesting insights on how women are portrayed in the society. This article therefore seeks to provide guidance on answering the question whether women are at fault or the society itself. Women are portrayed differently and are quiet misunderstood. This has caused confusion and even distortion on how we see women in general, specifically on how they should behave and think. It is expected the females must be the source of care, warmth and nurturance in the community. They must exhibit a role mod

Have religions become populist social institutions?

From a strong major social institution in the renaissance period to an organization struggling to be   as a recognized genuine support system, religions have significantly changed in the recent times. Membership statistics are just numbers and estimates of religious organizations to provide a clue of how could they be potentially influential in politics and in the society in general. However, the question remains is the church still influential in the advent of rise self-determination as a better alternative to church doctrines as a form of life guide for personal decision-making? Or have churches clinged to a populist stand to keep membership figures stay afloat in the midst of liberal modern times? There exists extremist forms of various religious sects like the Islam's conservative groups in Iran and Saudi Arabia, Buddhism's total vegetarians, or Christian's modern day crusaders and monks throughout the world. However, the number of individuals claiming to belong to the

Hard Revelations

It would come to a point sometimes when hiding the truth is more convenient and practical than embracing the possibility of a revelation. It is difficult but everyone has experienced reaching such crossroad in one's life when we are confronted by the dilemma of whether it is right and appropriate to share information to others or not. This is the period of hard revelations. The question remains when is the right time to reveal secrets and on what reasons or grounds the revelation could be justified. This will be the focus of this blogpost. The intention is not purely to give light for others to determine the right time, but also to describe the reasons why revealing the truth, even how hard it is, must be made. Do it with others. Telling the truth is easier when others would be willing to do the same. When others have succeeded in their revelations of truths with more serious consequences, one would be encouraged to take the risk in divulging personal facts that would probably h

10 Statistical Problems with Philippine Pre-Election Surveys

There has been confusion in the Philippines on contrasting and significantly deviating pre-election surveys for the upcoming May 2016 presidential election. This has quite bothered me personally, since I was worried that people will never take research as serious and reliable tool to capture an interesting certain researchable phenomena. Many Filipinos are doubting, even me on the reliability and the accuracy of these pre-election surveys because they seem to be detached from what is really happening. This has led me to pinpoint ten statistical problems with pre-election surveys in the Philipppines. This article is an opinion. The assertions are based on facts and statistical principles I learned, but interpretation of these principles may vary from one person to another. What I personally made is a list and the corresponding reasons I think pre-election surveys in the Philippines are unreliable. One could argue on my assertions, but I see to it the reasons were not influenc

Oslo, Norway: Rediscovered

After living in Oslo for over two years, I have not really allotted so much time discovering the Norwegian capital. Since then, I was quite busy earning a living for myself and my family, but never did I get a chance to be a tourist in a whole day in Oslo. Perhaps, I was still quite uncertain whether Oslo is my workplace or my second home. Moreover, I would associate Oslo with the challenges I have experienced, together with the difficult situations that have provided me lessons and made me stronger as a person. So I decided to embark in a journey within the city as a tourist, not as a resident. With my camera, I will rediscover the city that made me a more independent person. With this, I would not just appreciate more Norwegian history, but also its culture, people and tradition. Hoved√łya This is the largest of the inner islands in the Oslofjord. This is considered a botanical and historical paradise for the Norwegians. The unique flora is characterized by endangered

Woman: The Pride of Human Race

Do not get me wrong but I would want to highlight gender equality.  However, with the current state of recognizing the role of women in our society today, I could say we are still far from achieving a balanced perspective between men and women. For women are perceived weak and vulnerable, while men possesses the desired attributes of a rational and productive individual. These associations could be sources of biases against women, such that some consider women deserve less success and opportunities because of their innate softness and subjectivity. Worse, when women make mistakes the society judges them more harshly than a man doing the same wrongful act. This gender disparity is the focus of this blogpost, together with elaborating why the whole human race should be forever to women in general. The mother No one in this world could never claim he or she has no mother. The same way, ofcourse, with a father. However, the moment one is born, it has become an expectation that mothers sh