Hard Revelations

It would come to a point sometimes when hiding the truth is more convenient and practical than embracing the possibility of a revelation. It is difficult but everyone has experienced reaching such crossroad in one's life when we are confronted by the dilemma of whether it is right and appropriate to share information to others or not. This is the period of hard revelations.

The question remains when is the right time to reveal secrets and on what reasons or grounds the revelation could be justified. This will be the focus of this blogpost. The intention is not purely to give light for others to determine the right time, but also to describe the reasons why revealing the truth, even how hard it is, must be made.

Do it with others.

Telling the truth is easier when others would be willing to do the same. When others have succeeded in their revelations of truths with more serious consequences, one would be encouraged to take the risk in divulging personal facts that would probably have lesser consequential losses or disadvantages. Moreover, when others withhold information such that a part of the truth is only revealed, others upon knowing this would put themselves on the same position of revealing only a certain degree of the truth. It may sound telling lies, but limiting the revelation of a truth maybe better than either totally keeping entirely to oneself or deliberately twisting the truth to make it less consequently disadvantageous. However, this reason is the most superficial, such that this alone is insufficient to justify a hard revelation according to its righteousness and timeliness.

Do it for others.

When others' safety and lives maybe affected by the truth withheld, it is ofcourse appropriate to reveal the truth, without thinking of what it may cause to the person. The fact that the supposed known truth could change and influence the thoughts, feelings, decisions and life track of a person, telling the truth is the most ethical and practical to do. Moreover, it quite expected that this reason grounds itself from the fact that the revelation of the truth is deserved by another. By saying this, either the person is trustworthy enough to be prudent in dealing with the sensitive shared information, or the person's participation to a potential problem-solving or decision-making maybe necessary. This reason therefore provides a better justification of hard revelations, by allowing people to be aware of everything essential that concerns or relates to them. However, this reason maybe good, but simply it is not the best rationale for truth-telling.

Do it for yourself.

Selfish may it sound, but oneself should be the primary reason for hard revelation. The truth is assumed to promote freedom and self-contentment. This is because when one shares withheld information, the person experiences relief and the complexity of keeping a secret. In the long run, keeping secrets whether personal information, events or important events will never be advantageous for the individual itself. Secrets are seemingly parasites feeding from the decays of our soul. Let yourself be free, not just by being physically free, but also of thoughts one never shares to protect some self-interests. However, these so-called self-interests are really hindrances in fully actualizing the person, characterized by prudence, suited self-control, and mental stability.

It is therefore encouraged for us individuals to never hesitate telling the truth. Whatever one finds to justify these hesitations, one must and is obliged to tell the truth. It is not a question of when, because the perfect timing of telling the truth is now. It will never be tomorrow or the far futuee. It is now we must make hard revelations, with the right reasons primarily giving an appreciation of oneself than others surrounding one.


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