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Four Fantastic Years

It was on this date (September 29) four years ago when I started to embark into the most remarkable journey in my life. I arrived around 2 o'clock in the afternoon in Oslo Airport with over sixty kilos of baggage. It was about four degrees Celsius, normal for an early fall in the Norwegian capital. I had mixed emotions. I was not totally elated by the idea of starting anew. I was more confused, unprepared and anxious. Nevertheless, looking back to that day I am nostalgic, but a lot of "what-ifs" in my head. I could not really find an adjective describing those four years, but I would just choose the word fantastic. Why? This is the focus of this blogpost. Overwhelmingly fantastic Overwhelmingly drastic. This could somehow describe the process that we have to willingly accept as part of integrating ourselves into the Norwegian society. Literally, I have to forget at times my Filipino values. I have to embrace Norwegian mindset in deciding for myself and others

What Happens When We Set Standards

It is believed that after the age of two, we begin to distinguish what is right from wrong. Simultaneously, we create impressions and assumptions about the world we live in. These would eventually influence the things we want in life and what seems we require for ourselves and to others. This is where we start setting standards. But to what changes these standards have in our life is the focus of this blogpost. We tend to ignore alternatives. Our perspective immediately becomes narrow when we set standards. It could actually be beneficial to do so because we  set our minds in achieving a goal. We tend to focus on that thing and work towards getting it. However, the process is not linear and easy, such that nothing would hinder one from taking actions to meet one's goals. Sometimes, there would be a need to adjust goals or even explore other alternatives. The problem lies when we become too fixated with our goals that we are no longer willing to do something else, believi

The Modern-Day Challenge of Temperance

The most difficult trait nowadays one could have is related to temperance. It is the state of moderation and self-restraint. It is challenging in reality because everyone seems to like massive wealth, act instantaneously, gain authority and attention and accept that stress is part of daily matters. Moderation seems an obsolete concept in the times of uncontrolled consumption and capitalism, and focus of personal achievements and egoism. Literally everyone has a difficulty on one aspect of temperance, which will be the focus of this blogpost. No retaliation and forgiveness Forgiveness is the hardest thing to find in the modern times. It is quite natural that this phenomenon is rare. It is because humans are time-bounded individuals. We remember from our mistakes and those of others. We attempt to learn from them, and avoid doing the same thing again. In a way, it is like saying than when someone is at fault at one, he or she could move forward without completely forgetting

Officially, I am 30! (Poem)

Today I have officially left the life phase of twenties Years of my young life that started in seven and eighties. It felt like life in the last three decades went too fast  Such that in my memory everything is fresh both present and past Many things have happened, but it's the learning that matters Holding one's faith, being resilient and tough even life itself batters From my simple childhood characterized by unconditional love and care. My parents and family were always there, either whenever or anywhere The early years in school influenced me for the principles I believe and now stand for Then I was able to distinguish what, when, why and who I adore and abhor Being economically disadvantage, I learn that money changes everything Even a factor whether those vulnerable would in life even get anything or nothing. The practical things I learned made me endure tough challenges and competitions But not all of them were tolerable due to their unthinkable este

The 30 Major Immigrant Groups in Norway (2017)

This blogpost will somehow give an overview of the number of immigrants in Norway as of the latest official statistics in the government. A short description follows providing a good perspective of that certain country. There are only 137 countries on the list. Those countries with migrant population comprising less than 0,05% of the total population in Norway are not included in the complete list. INTRODUCTION There are some terms that this blogpost utilizes to elaborate on three major types of migrants: Category 1. Those with familial relationships in Norway. They are those who were born either by one or both Norwegian parents, regardless of where they are actually born. These group are theoretically the easiest to integrate into the Norwegian society because the connection they have is more personal and comprehensive. The countries with the greatest percentage of their migrants in Norway in this category could have a good relationship with Norway given it might there are l