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7 Ways to Compare: Achievements and Purpose

There are many literatures dedicated to help one to be successful and achieve one's purpose in life. It seems everyone wants to possess both of these. Who would not want to? Nobody. However, did we ever make the distinction between making an achievement and striving for one's purpose. In this article, I will discuss seven ways of  comparison between an achievement 1. Achievement is merit to oneself; while your purpose is your contribution to others. When we were young our parents wanted to push us to achieve as much as possible. They prepare and teach us by sending us to school and improving our capabilities and skills. In doing so, they take pride from our achievements and we claim merit for our hardwork and determination. On the other hand, our life purpose depend not on our skills and capacity, rather on our ability to perceive the needs of our immediate surroundings and to effectively craft and implement ways to meet these needs. The more sensitive we become, the more we

Listen to your Instincts

Has there been a time when you are confronted with a major crossroad in your life? In this time, you lose control and everything you learned seems to be insufficient for you to come up with a solution or action. It is also in this period when you feel uncertain on things you experience for what it means or what its worth for you. Then, it is the time to trust your instincts. However, what is an instinct? Do we actually can trust it? Literally speaking, instinct is an innate pattern of behavior every human being has in response to certain stimuli. By saying innate, instinct itself is inborn such that everybody has it. For example, when we are confronted with danger, we simply either fight back or stay away from it. In doing so, we do not use our rational thought but basically respond through our senses and react accordingly. It may sound being instinctive associates with being animalistic or primitive. Every human being is endowed with the ability to comprehend to solve problems